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Have a product you want reviewed? Let's talk. bombletquilts {at} gmail {dot} com

I will consider products that are relevant to exercise, health, and wellness. However, I reserve all rights to turn down any product if it is deemed inappropriate, offensive, contains known allergens of mine, or just plain tastes bad. I also reserve the right to be 100% honest in a review. In other words, if it tastes bad, I will let my readers know!

Want to sponsor me for a race? I'm a midpack runner, so that means a minimum of 4 hours 30 minutes of advertising to a captive race audience during a full, and about 2 hours during a half. Plus, I'm the kind of runner who passes time at the starting line by talking to anyone and everyone.
Serious inquiries contact me at bombletquilts {at} gmail {dot} com and we can negotiate.


1. I broke my back at age 14, but didn't find out for 4 years. I've been told multiple times that I'm lucky to be walking. This is why I'm grateful for every run I get.

2. I love food. Love, love, love food. Cooking and baking soothe the creative spirit the same way quilting and sewing do. And, let's face it, there's not much better than eating warm cookies while wrapped in a quilt you made yourself.

3. I have food allergies. This is the only thing that comes between me and my favorite foods. Some of my allergies are also somewhat unusual. While the peanut, tree nut, any kind of nut allergy is common (I really miss peanut butter), I'm also allergic to thickeners- xanthan gum, guar gum, gum acacia, locust bean gum, (all other gums, too) glyster ester of rosin, carrageenan- they all make it hard to breath, and make my throat itch up into my ears, a feeling like having fire ants inside my head. Go read the labels on a couple processed foods, and I bet you'll find at least one. The great thing about discovering all these allergies, though, is that that once I cleaned up my diet, my asthma has diminished by leaps and bounds.

4. I've been obsessed with fabric for as long as I can remember. I'm very tactile, and cannot walk through a store without touching things that look soft, coarse, or otherwise interesting. I "pet" the fabric when I'm in a quilt shop. The textures combined with the colors make me happy in much the same way the above-mentioned cookies can.

5. Health= wealth. In line with that, I love helping others on their path to wellness. As a fitness instructor, it brings me joy to helps my students find their strengths. In 2014, I will (hopefully!) take the test to become a CPT so that I can continue to help others get healthy and stay healthy.

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  1. I used to be a runner ... not a very good one, but a runner just the same. Then an old knee injury reared its head and ended that phase of life. Now cycling is my favourite form of locomotion.

    Food allergies are the best incentive for making your own food from scratch!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck with your running goals this year. :)


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