Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hop, hop, hop!

Today is the shop hop! YAY!!! I've never done one before... in the past, I usually found out about them the day after they occurred! I had tried to plan one for myself last June, too, but then found out that sadly, there are NO QUILT SHOPS along US31 between here and Tim's base, and the one quilt shop I located in Kokomo is closed on Mondays. Go figure. Which is why I am SO EXCITED!!!

I have a list of small things to get-- I'm still trying to be frugal, so I don't want to spend more than about $10 at each place (which is only $5 after you factor in their little gift certificates for each shop). I have a list on my iPhone of things to get that are inexpensive. I'm going in with a plan!!!

Later today, if I report back otherwise, you can call me out on it. Let's see how strong my willpower is today... ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventures with hand applique, and....

After searching for weeks for an applique project that was easy enough to teach myself, AND something I would want to keep one it's finished, I was at a loss... so, as usual, I came up with my own design: a small, fall wallhanging of falling leaves. Another benefit to the project is that it was designed around fabrics I already have.
That wasn't so difficult!

I like it! And I love my iPhone since I can easily take reference pictures like this! 

Two leaves done and another pinned in place, ready to go for tonight's TV watching.
I got 2 leaves sewn on last night before my finger complained too much-- I really need a thimble. One that fits, that is. I have 3 that won't stay on or are simply uncomfortable. I really hope I can find one tomorrow during the local shop hop!!!

In case anyone noticed, I've been entering Go! giveaways like crazy... with the possibility of my own sewing room growing, I figure it won't hurt to enter a couple giveaways... just in case. ;)

The house hunt update: We made an offer, and it was ACCEPTED AS IS! The glitch? When Tim went to get the paperwork for the VA loan, he discovered there is an error somewhere-- whoever files the paperwork recording who is a veteran hasn't gotten it done! That's the best I understand it, anyway. Tim called around and went to I don't know how many different offices on base, and it seems like whatever number/letter combination piece of paperwork that is missing will be fixed by Friday.... So, keep praying that come Friday we can sign the necessary papers and become homeowners!!!

Our realtor has been great keeping us updated, and she didn't seem too concerned about this latest glitch (does it happen often?). I guess there is an acceptable window in which we can get this sorted out.
We're hopeful that we will be in this house then by November 5th!!! EEEEE!!!

Another Go giveaway

Check it out... another Go! giveaway!!! I do not have the funds for such an investment, but if I won one, I will soon have the room... We're a couple steps closer to a new house and sewing room for me!!!!
Check it out!

Like the last I blogged about, it ends October 1, so hurry!

A good night's sleep

I slept very well last night. In fact, the only dream I recall involved setting up my sewing room in a new house. :) It's chilly enough this morning that I'm not sneezing, too! Probably one of the reasons I slept so well.

Tomorrow is the shop hop with my MIL. I'm excited. I have been thinking about what to use my $5 store credits that each store is giving for participating. I don't really want to spend much money since we're going to need every penny right now for the whole home-buying process. But I do have a small list of things to get:
more bobbins
a couple fat-quarter treats

That last one is something I have not been able to find yet. I have tried three different thimbles, none of which fit right, so I never use them But the rough spot on my middle finger scratches my face now! So, maybe I can find a thimble. I would be willing to splurge on a thimble!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 months

I realized today while we were house hunting that today is 11 months since my dad passed away. It's also 1 year since I finished my first 60 degree star flimsy... I remember showing my dad, watching him smile. He didn't say much, but he smiled and nodded. The next month got busy in the worst kind of way. I didn't get that flimsy quilted until April, when I was laid up from the bone bruise (that still won't go away). I hand-quilted it, partly because my right foot had a giant boot on it, and partly because I was afraid to wreck what had turned into a symbolic quilt.

Dad's Snowflakes.
It took me about two weeks to quilt it, then another evening to bind. It came out 36" across. I recently got it back out since it is the perfect size to go over my feet now that the nights are getting colder. Dad's one comment was that it looked like snowflakes, so I named it Dad's Snowflakes. Waaaaay too symbolic, yet perfect. It needed to be made; I needed to get the turmoil we were all living through out of my head and onto something visible, where I could deal with it. This was how I started grieving. Anyone who has watched a loved one battle cancer knows the grief starts with the diagnosis, not with the time of death. It was his winter, and I was playing with black and white prints which included the skulls. I have gotten far enough from that day that I don't cry much anymore, and I try to focus on remembering the good memories.

Another thing that I love about this quilt is the sheer whim with which I made it. I love stars, so I designed a star quilt. Plain and simple. I didn't worry about any of the technical aspects (didn't even know that 6-pointed stars weren't easy), just went. Sometimes, I feel like I research too much now before starting a project. That's another joy of the EPL quilt (which I did work on for about 30 minutes, but I'm way too tired to be accurate longer than that!). I made a very rough sketch and I'm just going for it again. That's my style, with quilts, with life. 

I want to make another 6 pointed star quilt, but bigger. Not yet.... perhaps the first project that I'll start in the new house, whichever one we end up in (hopefully #1!). I think, to contrast the "Debbie Downer" theme of the first, I'l make something BRIGHT. Maybe Christmas colors, maybe just wildly vivid and cheery. That' another way I deal with grief-- Humor and opposition. If I start feeling down, I make light of it and find something happy, or at least not negative about the situation.

Tonight, as I start winding down early, I'm sitting with this blanket on my feet, and instead of a quilt compensating for poor circulation, it's like my dad is here telling me how proud he is of all the quilts I've made since he passed. My grandpa, his dad, who passed shortly after, would love them, too. He would have half-jokingly told me I should eat more if I'm that cold (humor came to me from both sides).

But hey, Dad, check it out: the Bears won again!!! 3-0, whoohoo!!!! My Monster of the Midway and I are so happy about that! Perhaps even the Bears operate under the mentality that things are easy until you've been told otherwise, kind of like me and my 6 pointed stars!

I hope so!

Did we find "the one?" I HOPE SO!!! We are going to put an offer in on one of the houses we saw today-- it is absolutely gorgeous, sits at the end of a small, quiet street, and on top of a wooded hill, has a basement, hardwood floors,  washer/dryer IN THE MASTER BATH area (which is awesome because I had "designed" a dream home where my washer/dryer would be in my walk-in closet), 2 other bedrooms, an updated kitchen, attached garage, etc!!! I really hope the offer gets accepted!!!! One of the two extra bedrooms is on the smaller size-- nothing bigger than a twin bed would be comfortable... so, if we get this house, OH SHUCKS, IT WILL HAVE TO BE MY SEWING ROOM. You can tell I'm deeply upset that my husband told me this. ;)

I'm surprised that I got home as early as I did. Glad, too, since that meant Tim was able to go to bed when I left around 2:30. I was home by 5, so I might get some sewing done yet!

Say a prayer that it goes through!

It's a no-sew day

No sewing will get done today... day 2 of house hunting!!! As usual, I woke up much earlier than necessary, but at least it's for a good reason.

I hope we find a good one today... There are only 13 days until Tim starts work (They moved it up one!), so the sooner we find a house, the better.

It might take a miracle at this point to close by the time he starts work, but we'd be ok with only needed an apt for a short term!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I love the internet... sometimes!

So, I stumbled across some more quilty blogs today via Facebook-- go check out Applique Addict first and look at all her lovelies! She has a reproduction quilt that I think would be fun to make in a super scrappy version, links to an applique workshop, (wish I could go!), and....... drum roll..... a giveaway! Through the giveaway, I found Victoria Rose... here, you too will be amazed at some of the most beautiful Hawaiian applique!

Go check them out... do it!

"I'm sorry, you scared me, and my blood pressure dropped so I can't see..."

I'm not going to class tonight-- a migraine started coming on around noon, and was getting worse so I laid down for a nap on our couch... about an hour or so later, I was scared to death by a pounding on the door-- I leapt up and saw it was the mailman, so I opened the door-- Tim's latest knife had arrived and needed a signature-- but then I scared the mailman when I tottered against the side of our house! I had to explain to him that he scared me awake from a nap, and that I have really low blood pressure so when I stand too quickly, I sometimes faint. I don't think he's ever heard anyone say, "I'll sign that as soon as my vision returns." This whole incident caused the headache to Explode! Which is why I am at home rather than driving to class, getting ready for another nap, but writing this mildly amusing little vignette first.

On a happier note, the house hunt resumes tomorrow! I'll be getting up bright and early to meet Tim to go look at some more houses. This time, I'll remember snacks!

Maybe if I get a good nap I'll feel better yet tonight... I really wanted to work on the EPL more than just cutting squares this morning... it can wait. The beauty of piecing and quilting is that it will wait another day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The longer, more awake version of today

So, take away my desperate need of a nap earlier (which I got), today was a great day. I slept well last night, then got up and around in time to spend about 3 hours with my aunt before she had to head back to Chicago. My Aunt Jean is one of the most creative, fun, positive, ADHD people I know-- there's no denying we're related because of our love of MAKING STUFF! She has ataxia, which is a debilitating neurological disease, but she is so positive about it, and grateful that she was one of the "lucky" few who it hit in their 60s, rather than around 20-30 years old. It is so hard to see how she struggles, but she refuses to give up and is still on of the funniest people I know. We have a family friend who was one of the last in the state to come down with polio-- also such a positive person!-- and he and my aunt make fun of their walking problems, and even danced together at my wedding reception last summer-- between them, the joke is that they only have two good legs and two canes to stand on.

I love my family. We can get through anything, as we have proved time and again.

Let's call this my early birthday present! A pile of quilting books, oh joy!
Before she left, my aunt insisted I lighten her load-- she has a trunk full of books! She handed off a pile of books, mostly quilting, but also a great book on perennials so Tim and I can landscape where ever we move. Yay!

Then Mom and I did some errands, then I came home and took that much needed nap!

I made broccoli cheese soup from scratch tonight-- I recently read that in soup, if you add the cheese last and don't let it boil, it won't get so stringy-- and, it seems to be right. I had very little problem with stringy cheese.

I'm happy that The Amazing Race began again tonight. I love seeing all the different countries and cultures. In a similar vein, I did get the fabric gathered for my EPL quilt:

It's really just the "pray" part of Eat, Pray, Love. That's all I'm going to explain for now... you'll have to wait and see what I do with this stack.

We're going house hunting sometime this week again-- Tim sent the realtor a list of what we liked online, and she's supposed to be finding some suggestions, too, so hopefully we can look at a bunch... and this time I know to eat lunch first, and bring snacks! My body  hated me for making it wait until 3:30 in the afternoon for lunch! Tim's supposed to let me know when I need to come down. YAY!

Goodnight, all. I'm hoping for another night of good sleep so my body won't keep reminding me how cod I was yesterday!

Poker? Really?

Why do they put poker on tv? As if golf isn't slow enough... every channel but 1 right now over-the-air has either golf or poker or infomercials... This is what I call the Sunday nap time lineup. So, I guess I'll be watching the Broncos/Colts game, even though I don't root for either team. I probably should take a nap-- still struggling a bit from yesterday-- but my brain is not at all as tired as my body!!!

I'm going to try a method that occasionally works-- sometimes, if I just gather the fabric I want to use for my next project, I can rest for a while. I've got a couple projects I want to work on, so maybe if I gather the fabrics into their respective groups, I can take advantage of the lullaby that is golf narration and take a nap... or maybe I'll get a burst of energy and start sewing. Doubtful, but not impossible.

I feel like I got hit by a truck. Where's my blanket.... perhaps I'll just dream about my EPL quilt, Thanksgiving table runner, and Holiday sampler....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

not to mention...

After so much cold wind, i am now too tired to sew!!! 4 hours straight sitting in cold wind after 4 hours of in-and-out of the wind yesterday... Not a good idea!!! I just went back and sat in my sewing area, and it felt like all my sore muscles just flexed in a unanimous "NO." Tragic. Perhaps that much time outside will mean I will get some good sleep, and can get up and get busy tomorrow morning.


Today's the kind of day I wish I had a GO! cutter so I could at least prep for a new project with minimal effort!!!! (Two posts back, there's a link to a giveaway on Millie's blog)


The official report on the Bristol pay It Forward Festival: Awful. I sold ONE reusable coffee sleeve at $3, which meant I was $7 short of even making back my booth rental!!! I was disappointed from the start-- the last emphatic email said to be there by 9 am, so when I arrived at 8:45 and couldn't find anyone to tell me where to park, or where my area was, I just parked near other cars and had to hunt someone down only to be told that No, I couldn't drive to the other side of my car, and No, there was no help available to carry even my table (we had to provide EVERYTHING on our own). Later in the day, after my dearest amazing husband had left because I thought I was fine, I was told No, no festival officials were available to even watch my table so I could find the Port-a-potty... every other place I've sold crafts at had designated "booth babysitters" for this purpose!!! Thank goodness my husband loves me like crazy-- he drove 20 minutes back and brought our dog so I could pee!! Now that's love!!!

Basically, I feel like I paid $7 so our dog, Prudence, could socialize with people and fall in love with a horse. If she could talk, she would be chanting, "I want a pony! I want a pony! Please please please!!!! I want a pony!!!"

As mentioned in the previous post, I learned to never participate in a craft show that is advertised as a BMX demo (with craft show in tiny print underneath). I would not have done so had the ad run prior to yesterday, when we were house hunting!! I hope they raised money- it is a good cause-- but when the organizers asked how my experience was, I told them I was disappointed on so many levels. I also suggested that since this Pay it Forward thing is a week-long event, they should separate "craft show" and BMX stunt demo since those crowds are so vastly different.  Needless to say, I will not be driving 2 hours to participate next year.

On a happier note, some of the unsold items will now become Christmas gifts, so that takes a small load off my holiday projects. Other items will be going up in my Etsy store once I've photographed them. Maybe I will make some money off this craft show yet... :/

Hey Ladies!

Hey y'all! Look here....

Accuquilt GO! giveaway

Check it out!!! Who wouldn't want to win one, especially those of us who don't have "real jobs" right now?
And, while you're there, check out Millie's marvelous stuff... I love reading other quilter's blogs. I feel like I learn from them all, even if it's just a new twist on color schemes, or that I'm not alone when something frustrates me, etc...

WHich, by the way, reminds me: A lesson for all of you- don't enter a "craft show" that is predominantly advertised as a BMX demo.


Karsyn Bell Pay It Forward Festival
Congdon Park, Bristol, Indiana
10-2 TODAY!!
I'll be at the craft show!!! They have other stuff, too.

Pass the word to anyone in northern Indiana!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tired, but happy

I've been awake since 5:30... Too excited to sleep! And, I realized that I had set my alarm clock later than I should, so by the time I changed it, I was way too awake to get any more sleep.
Mom's art!

I think it fits the space well.
We gave Mom her birthday present yesterday (a day early), which works out well since we're going to look at a house. I think this "art" piece turned out well.

Time for second breakfast-- that's the worst part about waking up so early; I get hungry way too fast!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Squealing with delight!!!!! We got pre-approved for a mortgage! So, tomorrow, we're going to look at a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim has One in mind, but I hope the realtor will have found some others, and can help me convince him, even if it only serves to make The One he picked look as good as he thinks it is.

Oh, and I finished binding the D9P, so I can try to sell it Saturday. Yay!


One day into my mini No buy, and I feel like I need to make a disclaimer-- Magazines aren't included!!! My reasoning is that if we had moved already, they would be coming to my mailbox, but since we haven't, I buy them one by one. So, now that I've made that proclamation, I'm off to go get some more eye candy... (they also provide inspiration for using what I have!!!)

And Cheri, I am sooo excited!!!!

A note before I get busy...

The Stashbusters ladies are wonderful--many thanks to them-- I have already received some much-needed input on FMQ, frames, etc. As you may have seen already, I did not wait for this advice, I "made do" again and got the quilt done. I'm selling it this weekend at the Pay It Forward Festival, so it's for a good cause there, and also some of my profits will be put towards the Hospice Walk in October... Team Mike!!!! I miss my Papa dearly.

On that note, time to get around and get that quilt bound before it gets too hot in here!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Princess Impatience Strikes Again!

I got it done. Not as well as I could have had I waited until I had a frame, but given that that could be months, my impatience took control, and I figured out a very simple quilting design and GOT IT DONE.

Patience is virtue that I'm lacking tonight.


I have reached an impasse.... the D9P is ready to be quilting, but my improvisational method of holding the quilt won't work this time-- I can't get close enough to actually control it!! I tried, and failed miserably. So then I thought maybe I would just do wavy lines using my dual feed foot... NOPE!!! It's been acting funky, and won't cooperate at all-- the little bar that makes it move is staying up, which means it's not feeding. So, my dilemma Now is, do I take off the even feed foot and try with the regular foot? Or do I wait until November and try to find a table frame for a conventional machine for my birthday? GRRRR!!!!

I hope we can get moved soon, so i can get at least a small part-time job (or something!!) so I can buy a frame. I think I'm going to have to wait a couple years for the long-arm dream, but that's ok. I just want to be able to quilt this project, dang it! Razzafrazza..... mumble grumble....

Time to ask the Stashbusters!!!!


I'm feeling uninspired-- well, inspired but trying to work with what I have. I decided today while doing laundry that I'm going to try to not buy any more quilting stuff (PAUSE-- ONE LARGE EXCEPTION BEING THE SHOP HOP!!!) until after we move, since that looks like it will be sooner rather than later if all keeps going well. I have to make an exception for the shop hop since it's my first, and I can't really change the date.

Basically, my dilemma today is this: I have a couple WIPs and UFOs that I'm contemplating working on... the blue/pink/green D9P, my snowflake quilt I've been hand-quilting, and a couple others, which includes a red and cream flimsy I made last year... the problem is, that's the one I want to work on, but I'm afraid I'll just cry... it's called "Red Cells, White Cells" and was made last August when Dad was still fighting valiantly. So... yeah. Not sure i could hold it together to quilt it yet. I think it might be better if I waited until Tim was home (or we had moved so he'd be closer) in case I get too sad.

On a MUCH lighter note, I have beef stew simmering on the stove!!! YUM! Now if I could just occupy myself for a bit so dinner time would come faster.... maybe I'll just go stare at my fabrics... sometimes that's all it takes to get the next idea. Or courage. :)


I take some advice very seriously. For instance, eat when you're hungry-- I just ate lunch, despite it being before 11 a.m. still. My husband is always grateful that I follow this piece of advice since, to quote him, I turn into the Hulk when I'm hungry. I'll probably have a decent-sized snack around 1 or 2, and then dinner will likewise be whenever I'm hungry.

I also followed a recommendation I read in a health article over the summer-- eating garlic and onions is supposed to help allergies. If my morning is any indication, it's true. I was sneezing and sniffling for three hours, but now, just 5 minutes after finishing another serving of that delicious homemade bruschetta, I'm starting to feel better. Just to be safe, though, I'll probably drink some tea with honey this afternoon (another natural remedy). These two alternatives are much more pleasant than the dizzy, loopy feeling I get from over-the-counter allergy medicines!

I feel ready for a sneeze-free midday nap now. There's some more advice I follow- sleep when you're tired. And so I shall. Maybe I'll dream up another project... it wouldn't be the first time...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a great end to the day!

First, i came home and made bruschetta from scratch... YUMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!! Then, Tim called and let me know he got all his paperwork done, AND had started the process of us getting a mortgage!!! He has to do most of the work since it's a VA-backed loan, but I'll help with whatever I can. I'm so glad he got it started, though.


I finished binding Mom's art!!! I'm debating putting corner-type pieces on the bottom so I could put a second dowel rod there, but I might wait and see how it hangs along a wall since this was taken hanging it off my ironing board. I promise to take a better picture once it's hanging in Mom's house, with the effusive natural light. I.LOVE.IT. And even though it doesn't look like it, I managed to get it even along the edges! My piecing (and patience) continue to improve.

I love days like today, where everything seems to flow along as it should. I am truly loving my life!!!

Ok, so from here on is being added later, but it's all connected in a way... It's storming pretty badly- at least a lot of lightning and thunder-- so I had to unplug my machine and my laptop (hooray for long battery life!)... basically, I am very glad I got enough done that if the power goes out, I won't be behind. And now I'm off to squish a stink bug that got in...

Hip, hip, hooray!

It's been another productive day-- I finished the second placemat's binding, and typed up the pattern to offer for sale at the craft festival this weekend... I have the documents all ready to print, but I need to find some little bags to put the patterns in...that search led to a trip out, and even though I didn't find the right size baggies, I did get the dowel rods to hang Mom's art (which is next to me, waiting to be bound), and I got the thread to work on Tim's Xmas present.
Hooray for pumpkin placemats!

Upon arriving home, I got busy on the D9P that I had wanted to finish Sunday before Mom's cutting derailed me.... But I got the flimsy done today!!!

Disappearing 9-Patch.
It's almost too organized in color because of the limited prints I used, but I am still happy with the way it came out. It's too hot to quilt it today, but tomorrow looks cooler so perhaps I can still get it done before Saturday.

To top off an already good day, I won a giveaway over on  Cheri's blog ! YIPPEE!!! 

Time to crank up the A/C and work on some more binding...

For my next endeavor...

I still want to try some applique, but I can't find any free patterns that strike my fancy, so I will probably wait until the shop hop to buy a book of Baltimore Album blocks (What on Earth created this obsession with BAB? I don't know!!! I just know I've wanted to do one since I was about 12!). That is, assuming I don't take a trip to Borders and find one there...

Today's agenda includes hand-stitching the binding to the back of Mom's wall art, and then I don't know. It's supposed to be HOT today, which I'm not too excited about given how much I enjoyed my hoodie and jeans outfit yesterday! And, that means any handwork must be done before the heat of the day and after, since our house won't stay cool enough.

I do know that tonight I will get pictures of the placemats, and anything else I finish today.

Time to go find some shorts... silly little Indian summer!

Monday, September 20, 2010

PIF Craft Festival Saturday!!!

Well, I am really glad Monday is almost over. Nothing bad happened, I'm just REEEEEEEEEALLY excited about the rest of the week!!!!  Saturday is the Pay It Forward Festival in Bristol... But before that, hopefully those darn mortgage people will call tim (or he'll call them back).... we've got 23 days until he starts work, assuming the AF got their days right this time. EEEK!!!
I've been online shopping... for a house!!! This is exciting!!!!!
I need to calm down.
See, i can't even string together a coherent post.... oh well.

Happiness is a Monday morning that goes this smoothly!

I feel so content right now-- I got up after a good night's sleep, got my oil changed and tires rotated, stitched the binding on one placemat while waiting, paid a bill (with a smile, even though it's from February and they just got it to me last Friday), came home and machine stitched the binding on to Mom's art piece, took out the trash and purged some old sheets that were beyond saving for anything, and ate lunch!!! All before noon on a MONDAY!!!!

It's funny, I didn't think I would get much done today since it's a school day, but I managed to get up and get around and do the things that needed to be done, and I still have time for fun! Or a nap. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mommy's little rotary cutter, that's me!

Ok, so I didn't reach my goals, but it's not my fault-- Mom wanted me to come show her how to cut out her fabric for her bed runner quilt, but it turned into me cutting EVERYTHING. It was simple-- just turning 6 yards of fabric into 6" squares so she can make her own D9P-- but that meant I spent the whole Bears game there cutting fabric while she took a nap or lackadaisically watched from her recliner. :/ Love my momma, but it took up my whole day! So, my D9P has not progressed... I still think I can get it done by Saturday, though. Assuming no other day-eaters come along. I am glad I was able to help her, though. When i was getting ready to leave, I told her about pressing directions for the seams, how to chain piece, and a few other tips and tricks, to which she cocked her head and asked, "Where did you learn all of this? Not from me!" I laughed, and told her, "The internet, I guess." It's true-- anything I didn't learn by trial and error came partly from magazines, but mostly from the internet.... and that was before I joined any quilty groups!

Since I got home, I have machine stitched the binding onto the two place mats that I quilted yesterday, so now I can hand-stitch them down tomorrow while I get the oil changed on my car I've noticed that if I bring enough stuff to do for the "hour, hour and a half" long wait they often tell me, then my car is actually done in 20 minutes.

That exploding noise I heard yesterday while quilting? It WAS explosions! I'm not excited by the fact the a local factory burned up, just happy to have solved that mystery.

Now, to peruse the internet for some applique patterns... I want to try my hand at needle-turn applique! It would be a portable project, something I'm wanting more and more (even something that can be taken to bed at night to work on while I wind down, but can be set on the night stand so I don't have to get out of bed when I'm sufficiently drowsy!).

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Mom's "art" is ready for binding- YAY! THe only problem? I don't have any!!! The brown I used around the edges was too small of a piece, so I dug through and found a similar brown that will (hopefully) end up giving even more of the framed effect I'm attempting. I'll cut the binding strips tomorrow and find out... :)

I still have to decide what color to bind these with...
Quilting/back of place mat.

I got all four pumpkin place mats pieced, and two of them are quilted! However, during the second one, i heard what I thought was thunder (disproved by my iPhone), then thought might be the neighbor slamming his garbage can around (not that either), and then Mom called and asked if I had heard loud booming... so whatever it was, my mom, who lives 4.5 miles to the east, also heard. I'm puzzled. I've searched the internet for any local explosions, fireworks displays, or band events, and nothing seems to explain what we both heard. It's nice to know she heard it, too, since that means I wasn't hallucinating strange noises!!! Tim's back at work, or he would probably have some sort of logical explanation... or simply hug me and remind me that he'll protect me if it's a Boogeyman. :)

You'll notice the place mats aren't perfect-- I gave up being a perfectionist when I realized I could coast and stay top 10 in high school. Stressing for perfection isn't fun. So, rather than agonize over place mats, I just sat down and put the pedal to the floor. The pumpkins' lines aren't straight, but neither are Real Pumpkins!!!And, I did NOT cross over my meanderings this time! Small victories are just a big of a "W" in the win column!

I want to go find a pumpkin soon. I love pumpkins! Maybe that's why they became the theme for the place mats... I think Prudence has the right idea for tonight, though-- when my dog puts herself to bed, i know it's about time for me to head that way, too. We had a busy day....

which included a visit to the MIL's and her chickens!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Early to rise, early to sew

The reappearance!

I got up a little early and got some piecing in before the hubs woke up, which means the pumpkin place mats are starting to take shape, and the nine patches are disappearing! Haha, bad quilt joke. I also figured out last night how I want to quilt my mom's wall hanging. The last thing I recall before I fell asleep was the decision to try for a leafy pattern on the border. YAY!

Tim and I talked to a banker today about a mortgage. It was good to start the process-- the mortgage broker is going to be calling Tim next week-- but it is also frustrating to have not really gotten anywhere beyond "The rates are low. If we find you can afford it, it's a great time to buy." Thank you, Captain Obvious. If we have to live in an apartment for a while, it will still be better than here, but I know Tim wants to be able to buy a house even more than I do. BUt, given that we haven't talked to an actual broker, just the initial customer service rep, then I don't think we should get discouraged yet. We're not dreaming of a palace, just a place to call ours. So, we're still hopeful, and praying for the opportunity to own a home.

I made a goal (to change back to quilting): I want to finish piecing and quilt the D9P on Sunday. I already know how I want to quilt it, which will be a relatively simple swirl. Then, Monday I have class, so Tuesday I will finish my Mom's piece. This way, the D9P can be sold at the festival, and Mom will get her birthday present on time!

So, for now, I must keep thinking positively about all of my goals!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casseroles are just love baked for 25 minutes

I made tuna casserole for lunch today. YUM! It's Tim's favorite dish that came from my family. I love it, too. Since Tim's home, I didn't get any sewing done after about 11 am, but that's ok. We ran some errands, and I FINALLY remembered to get butter and freezer paper. I want to start a hand applique project so that when I have to go any where that requires waiting, I will have a project to work on. I drew a maple leaf on one piece that might end up on a placemat. But, I also love the look of Baltimore Album quilts (despite them being so traditional!). I'm sure I'll get inspired by something, soon enough... 

I hope I wake up earlier than I did today so I can get some piecing in before Tim gets up. I feel a little guilty when I spend too much time sewing when he's home since we're still in this odd arrangement of him working on man days at the base while I'm still here, but thankfully, every day the light at the end of this tunnel gets brighter and brighter!!! He should start his official assignment in the end of October, so moving will probably be around then, perhaps earlier, but more likely later. That will make my school commute easier, too. 

The Apprentice has been on in the background... we watched about half an hour before Tim went to bed, but since then I have been ignoring it for the most part because they edit it to make these people seem so contentious and rude. And speaking of rude, the postal person who dropped off a package today was rude in a totally uncalled for way. She knocked on our screen this morning, then proceeded to hold it shut with her foot and yell at me about my dog barking-- despite my recommendation that she stand back from the dog and not lean in what animals perceive as a threatening manner. The woman wouldn't listen, though, and I had to ask her twice to remove her foot so I could step outside and sign for the package- the second time saying, "How can I sign for the package if you won't let me out of my house, ma'am?" She then said, "Keep that damn thing inside," to which I simply stepped out, signed the package, and told her to have a nice day. I don't know what's going on in her life, but being rude isn't going to fix it. My dog is the sweetest dog in the world when people are being civil- she only barks like that when she thinks there's something to warn me about. After that interaction, I came inside and told Prudence what a good girl she is, warning me about such an unpleasant person!!!! After 6 years in retail, I learned that being rude gets you no where. It is much easier to snap when someone is mean to you, but sometimes, a kind response can help turn their day around. The more unpleasant people get with me, the calmer I get. I am the only one who can ruin my day. I hope that mail woman wakes up tomorrow in a better mood... but if not, I hope she's not on our route next time my Joann's add comes!!! (Some of them won't deliver it... I might have found the culprit).

May you all wake up and smile before you frown tomorrow. And if you're ever at my door, Prudence is a lover, not a fighter... unless you're a tree. She hates our maple tree.

My little tree pruner.

Two new phrases

I just heard a delightful quote on the Today Show: "Gardeners are people who see the future." I love that!!!! I think it can be applied to quilting, too-- I can't tell you how many times I've show my mom a selection of fabrics, and she'll raise an eyebrow not in doubt but wondering HOW I will make these "fighting fabrics" play nicely. She admitted earlier this week that she wasn't sure the table runner fabrics went together, but look how that turned out! I love my momma... I have to help her cut out a bed runner for my old bedroom. I hope my mom finds even half as much joy in piecing as I do-- since our move is imminent (despite the date still unknown), I want to help my momma  find a new hobby. Sewing isn't new to her, but quilting is. So, let's hope Sunday afternoon fins my mom happily stitching away after I give my first lesson! The exciting part is that she's been bragging to her friends, and I will be giving a basic lesson to  one of the ladies at the dentist!

On to quote number 2. I woke up from a strange dream, but in the fog a good retort came to mind: What did you make today? As in, when someone is disparaging about my lack of a job, or lack of desire to drink every night, I can reply, "What did you make? I made a quilt top, finished a table runner, made a pillow cover...." and so on.

And with that, I am off to go get some piecing in before Tim gets home!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The late night news just ended with a funny story-- some guy robbed a convenience store wearing a Darth Vader mask, and our local news team made some awful-yet-hysterical puns and jokes about it! Oh, how I love a good Bad joke!

I've been unwinding from the latest session of piecing by reading some lovely ladies' blogs... I do enjoy reading about other quilters and their adventures! The ladies at bunco last night were tickled pink that I quilt, and then I made a comment about my social life being largely with women twice my age, which made them laugh even harder than some of the silliness that was already going on. What can I say, I'm an old soul, so I have to "hang out" with older people! Most people my age are out at bars, or night clubs, or some such venue... I prefer sitting in front of my sewing machine, thanks!!!!

I've been working on a disappearing nine patch, or split nine patch, whichever you want to call it-- By splitting some nine patches, I'm making my stash disappear, so I'm ok with either name!!! (See, bad joke... can't help it)

G'night, for tonight. There's another thing I like better than drinking-- SLEEPING!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finished the main part of the Shooting Stars Quilt

Before my haircut this morning.
Since my dearest love, Tim, woke me up early today, I got a good portion of the current project done before I got my hair cut again. Then, I came home and worked some more...

Another part done!
And some more, until the main thing was done!!!

I realized after I folded it up and put it away that it wasn't straight in the picture.
I am very pleased with it so far. My only decision now is trying to figure out what kind of borders to do... I don't have enough of the background to make it any wider without trying to find more (I bought the last of it when I got this piece). I have another navy, but it's not big enough to make the border without piecing segments. SO... what to do? If I buy a new fabric, I'm not sure what color I would want to use.

BUT I did win second place at Bunco tonight! $23!!! YAY!!!!

I guess I'll have to sleep on this current dilemma. Maybe I'l dream the answer again... maybe!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here's the thing...

(My apologies to anyone expecting lovely quilty pictures... those will have to come tomorrow morning. Tonight I need to express some frustrations...)

My graduate class seems like it COULD be a ton of fun, and a very good environment in which to learn, EXCEPT for a few individuals who seem unable to get their noses high enough. They have not criticized me yet; on the contrary, they gave high praise for "Brief Moment of Panic #317" and the other poem I handed in. That's half the problem-- they LABELLED them with all sorts of things like "having a persona" and "the deftly woven imaginary landscape" and such...

This is where I struggle to be silent during the workshop process. I want to stand up and shout, "I DON'T WRITE WITH A PERSONA, THIS IS JUST MY LIFE, UNCENSORED. I CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! I THINK IT'S A SILLY POEM!" And that makes me feel like a charlatan... after all, I'm not Trying! I'm just writing down a portion of the million things floating in my head- poetry gives me a medium to put the jumbled thoughts that would otherwise race around, keeping me up at night. Kind of like designing a quilt or other sewing project lets me play with colors in a way that brings piece to the rest of the jumble in my head. If I can see a finished quilt of mine, I can show someone some of the chaos in my head. I can sort things out. The "quilt bug" became almost an obsession last fall when my dad was slipping further and further towards the end-- I made what is still one of my favorites, a 3 foot hexagon in black and white, done with mostly diamonds that look like snowflakes.... this was how i coped with the "winter" of my dad's life. In keeping with the theme of last fall, some of the snowflakes are made with a skull-patterned fabric, too. After he passed, I couldn't take it out to finish until mid spring when I was laid up initially from a bone bruise. But in hand-quilting it and binding it, I put my grief to rest, gave it a home outside of bringing me down.

So I guess my point for tonight is that I feel out of place in my graduate class because so far, all I've done is have fun with it. That's a large component of my quilts, too. I learned from my dad's premature passing that a life spent savoring each treat is much more fulfilling than a life of misery. I have been blessed with a husband who provides for me, so in return, my "job" is to bring joy to this world in whatever ways I can. I want people to smile when they see a quilt I've made.

Don't take me too seriously; I'm just trying to have fun!

The "zombies" return

The zombies have returned with a vengeance!!! I woke up at 6:30 with a nose bleed from my darn allergies... It's an awful feeling to wake and realize there is blood all over your face, but this is not the first time. It used to be all-too-often of an occurrence when I was younger.

Enough grossing out news.

Since I'm up, I might as well get to quilting! i may end up making up for the time I'll lose because of class tonight. Or, I may just sew, sew, sew this morning and then take a delightful nap later... that sounds good, too!

I shall leave you with the poem I wrote 2 weeks ago in class from a prompt...

Brief Moment of Panic # 317

I couldn’t find it, broken underfoot, the
thick steel needle snapped still holding thread—
The strap was just too much.
Delicately, tugging pieces out
without snagging the dense weave,
finally freed and sighing, now
the machine ceases to beep but
when I press my foot down
the line is no longer straight, it
was never even made, just broken
when the threads gave. I should have known
but stubbornly I rationalized insanity.
What will Sally think when I show
her what I’ve done? Cut up
pieces only to break the thing
with ambition. I just wanted a satchel,
a catch-all of ideas to carry my extra
words, phrases, and a sweater.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Prudence....

Prudence, the bull terrier extraordinaire. 
How on earth is this comfortable? My dog is one strange puppy. She was laying like this earlier today. Right now, she's growling at an NFL commercial... she must know it has Eagles fans, not Bears fans in it (nothing against the Eagles... we're just Bears girls here!).

The Bears won today! And they beat the Lions (Mom's team). That made for a much more pleasant trip to Target with her afterwards-- she's a much more gracious loser than winner!

This is what she did for about an hour after her bath... clung to her towel like a barnacle. She doesn't mind baths; the evil eye is because I sprayed her with flea mist again. Grumpy puppy!

The pieces have been rearranged a little, but this was a reference shot.

While she's been watching the Redskins/Cowboys game, I've been working on this and listening to the game. This is for a new design of mine. I wish I had had more purples to make it look scrappier, but alas, I only had 4 shades. I still like it, and it should turn out to be pretty cool once it's done... The thing I love most about this project is how awesome my new rulers are-- for this one, I've been using the EZ Angle (I am in no way affiliated). It is making the cutting and sewing of the triangles so much easier. While I like sewing multiple triangles at a time like I do when I cut using those silly 7/8 measurements, this ruler is helping me eliminate fabric waste. AND it means I can use strips in sizes I normally cut anyway! Hooray all around!!! It was definitely worth the money- especially since I got it half-off on Labor Day weekend!

Off to bed soon. I need to get better rest tonight-- I have class again tomorrow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I love you, BUT...

While I love my husband dearly, I rarely get much sewing done when he's home on a day off. Yesterday he came home, and shortly after we celebrated him getting the job, he started feeling ill. I contend he has hay fever or some such thing... While I suffer almost year-round from allergies, Tim seems to only have 2 days in the fall where he's like death, but then it goes away for another year.

He went to bed early, though, so I actually got some sewing done! The back is pieced for the wonky houses... I'm thinking I will work on it tomorrow evening after football.

I love my husband. And I don't mind taking breaks from sewing, I just hate having to put it all away so we can move in the kitchen/sunroom... putting it away makes it hard to just sit and sew a quick 10 minutes!

Hopefully, I really will get my sewing room soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tim got the job! And a finish for me

Look what I did last night! Before I even knew how amazing today would be...

Tim was on his way home this morning when he got the news: He got the job at his base! YAY!!!!! So, soon we will be looking for a place to live, then moving. OH HAPPY DAY!

I was in an awesome mood before this great news, though, because last night I machine quilted my table runner (finally!) using my free motion foot and an all-over stipple. This is the first thing I have ever free-motion quilted, so I am very pleased with it (despite uneven stitches in parts, but hey, it's for me, not for sale). I had told a friend yesterday my goal was to get it done before we moved, and then last night I just decided to go for it. And then today I found out we will be moving soon!!!

I am so blessed to have a husband like Tim. He's amazing. After everything we went through last year, it is so delightful to have things be going this well this year.

*Happy dance!*
Love it!
I am very proud of my husband. He's also proud of me for the table runner. Can you believe I used these to roll it up and quilt it?

Yep. 2 Paper towel rolls made for a makeshift "frame" so I could maneuver the runner. It worked!

Back of the runner.

It's been an amazing day so far, and it's barely halfway over. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time consuming side-track

I'm still taking a break from the blue/green tediousness, but after this morning's pillows, I had to do another hidden wells project.

I love it. Mom better, too.

Mom wanted some wall art... I promised to make her something for her birthday (September 24th). This is what I came up with after going through my fabric and finding some batiks, then pondering a few days and deciding after breakfast this morning that I would make her some hidden wells, too.

I am going to put two borders on this-- one cream like matting and then the exterior on dark brown like a frame. but then the dilemma is how to hang it... put a sleeve on? Maybe, if I can figure out how to make the sleeve work with the existing nails in her wall. Hmm...

Tomorrow, I need to get back to "craft" projects for the Pay It Forward Festival. It's the day after Mum's birthday!!! The goal: to make 4 more pie wraps.

But now: WIPEOUT!

Choice? What choice?

I just got asked, "What made you decide to start quilting?"

I don't know that I ever consciously "decided." It would be more accurate to say I grew up this way. I can remember sitting on my parent's bed while my mom sewed dresses and Halloween costumes for my brother and me, and being given fabric scraps to play with, sewing them by hand into strange conglomerations and sometimes very bizarre dolls. I can remember a trip to Conner Prairie in elementary school where I bought a small patchwork kit, taking it home and having my 10" x 12" pillow done by the next day (and even then thinking it was easy). So was there a distinct beginning? Not that I can pinpoint, though that first kit is the easiest way to explain it to others. I was 8, and found something I enjoyed as much as writing animal reports. Neither of these activities made me popular, so I let the sewing slide for awhile. But I never gave it up-- I just didn't tell people. In college, I got teased for knitting in my first dorm, and for any crafting. A year later I was selling handmade totes to friends that I pieced out of fabric scraps.

And now here I am. I was given a great opportunity last year to focus on what makes me happy. This was the perfect therapy after losing my dad. I mainly worked on hand-quilting some projects during the thick of the spring semester, but as soon as classes ended, I've been on my machine almost every day.

I never said, "I'm eight years old, and I love sewing." I have been a crafty girl since my mom first trusted me with scissors. I find peace in fabric, in the colors and textures and the challenges I create, in the constant learning process, the daily discovery of the art and of myself. Sewing and quilting are like meditation for me somedays, but also like the greatest theme park on earth. That old thread covered chair is My Happy Place.

A great way to start the day.

The "Ugly" pillow.

I took my husband's suggestion and turned it into a pillow. I love it the same way I love a good mutt! And the best news? I used up ALL of the green and the magenta floral, most of the lavender batik, all but a 1.5" strip of the ugly blue, and the majority of the pink and white.

This is all that is left to speak of. The lavender pice is only about 6" x 16", so it will probably get cut into  strips to add to the boxes of strips, but to me that will "kill" it, too. I might kill the pink in the same way, just to be done with it.

I feel so energized having finished something! I do that sometimes in the middle of a more labor-intensive project... it helps me get going on the long project if I take a break midway to make and finish a small project like a pillow (even an ugly!).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Can you hide ugly fabric in "Hidden Wells?"

So, today, I did a bad thing... well, sort of. I went to JoAnn's (the Other one in our area) because I wanted to get the fusible web stuff for Benny's T-shirt quilt while it was still on sale, and I still had the lovely additional 10% off.... well, after running into my mother-in-law and getting thoroughly distracted by talk of other projects, I decided to peruse the clearance at this location... 9 yards later, I had added to my clearance binge from yesterday. HOWEVER: I think I can justify this mini fabric binge. Had I paid the original price for all the fabric, it would have been over $120 for yesterday and today... I paid about $40!!! Hooray for clearance, and remnants, and remnants of clearance fabric!!!!

My challenge now is to stay busy from this stash. I am going to pledge not to revisit any fabric stores until after we hear about Tim's job... he's got the interview on Wednesday, and could possibly hear by Friday... say prayers! MANY, MANY PRAYERS!!! This job would get us out of our moldy house and out of this town and (hopefully) into a HOME that we would OWN!

I was good today, too-- I sorted my fabric in an attempt to fit it all in my two storage carts (FAIL). During this process, I came across some really ugly fabric.

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Given that it was only about 10" wide, never cut yet, I must have gotten it as a remnant. I do remember having it in Indy (7 years ago!), but for what, I have no idea. So I reached out to the Stashbuster group for ideas for uglies... but in the process, I got one of my own. I'm still looking forward to their suggestions, though, because I have some other fabrics that I wouldn't call ugly, but rather "awkward."

The answer: Hidden Wells. I have never made this pattern, Ever. So, why not pull out a couple other *special* fabrics?

When they won't play nicely with each other, throw them in the wells!
The two batiks are what I call awkward fabrics. They simply do not want to join into any group. The one on the far right is semi-awkward now that I ran out of the fabric with which it had been previously been used. the green is the ONLY one I like, but it's a smaller piece left over from the rose quilt experiment.

To the cutting!

They look better already.

Bad lighting doesn't help the colors any.

The process was simply enough. By number four here, I had one well all lined up perfectly! Yay! But, given that I was using the Uglies, I didn't care enough to rip the others apart to fix small spots where they weren't perfect.

Better light... still not "pretty," though.
I sent Tim a picture. He called them "snazzy." He also asked what I was going to do with them... and I'm not sure. I have some of the pink/white batik left, which I could use for one border, and I also have a solid pink that might go well enough if I wanted to make this into a usable baby quilt, but it's SO AWFUL.

I might just leave it this size and add it to the collection of orphans. I have some random flying gees, a shoo-fly, and an oddly-sized grandmother's basket thus far, plus a collection of sewn strips ends. Why not make an entire Ugly Quilt?

Perhaps I will ponder that. As long as it doesn't keep me awake!

Goodnight. Time for a late snack, and then to fall upon the delight that is our Tempurpedic mattress!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More sewing done... and...

I have about 100 more "geese" halfway done, cut, waiting to be pressed and finished in the morning. I've been reading some other blogs and other quilty miscellany, and I realized something: I LOVE not knowing the "rules" so many people abide by when quilting. Apparently, borders have a suggested width, as does sashing, and many more... NOT TO THIS GIRL!

Ignorance is bliss! Those rules, which I'm guessing are the reason so many people complain about the "Quilt Police," are restrictive, constrictive, and silly. I make borders fit the piece- not a specified half the size of the block, or whatever. I use my eye to judge what size something should be, but sometimes even that is overruled by the need to make the quilt larger.

I pride myself on a good eye.  I also don't think borders are necessary 100% of the time. Tim's quilt probably won't have a border because I like it as it is. So deal with it, Quilt Police!

I think from now on, I will read about all these "rules" and take them with a grain of salt, or the salted rim of a margarita.

Tedious= Rewarding

I did not sleep well last night. Sadly, it was mostly due to allergies and obsessive thinking about the project I started last night. Have you ever been to excited to see how something turns out (or if it will even work) that you can't sleep?

Well, I got up this morning and resumed working on the pieces I had cut last night. I cut a few strips from the stash fabric, then began piecing... and piecing.... and piecing...

I used the little box to hold the pairs so that each "goose" would match on either side.
I spent a couple hours working on it this morning before I went to JoAnn's and treated myself to some clearance fabrics (I may be a member of Stashbusters, but I am still building a stash in some respects... joining Stashbusters was something of a preemptive strike, at least to help keep control since we hope to be moving soon!). I also bought 2 tools-- Tri-Recs and Easy Angle-- which, frankly, is also a treat. But, i am forcing myself to wait to play with them (Cathedral Stars are calling...) until after this top has been finished.

Progress as of 9 p.m.
I think I am about 2/5 done... I know I'm not quite halfway, but I also know I'm close to halfway, so we're going with 2/5 done. Right now, there are 8 rows and 9 columns. I altered the pattern from the book so that there are three segments with three columns going the same direction... the original had every other row going the opposite way. The original also used 3 1/2 inch strips, not 2 1/2, but I'm working with what I have and the point was to use the pretty jelly roll I bought as a treat a month ago.

Along the way, I have discovered a problem with precuts: My allergies! The finish on the fabric is making my hands itch, and this morning I rubbed my face and eyes while sewing which left bright red blotches until I showered. I wish they wouldn't put a finish on fabric!!! I go through this with clothes, and have to wash EVERYTHING before I can wear it, so out of habit I ALWAYS wash fabric first. recuts thus present a problem, since I don't want them to fray. Sigh.

On the bright side, I do LOVE the way this project is turning out. I'm even using the cut-off triangles from the flying geese to make squares which, if I have enough, will become a border (or at least be worked into a border). Waste not, want not!

I think I shall go sew a little more before heading to bed, hopefully for better sleep tonight. The quilt shouldn't keep me up since I see what it's going to look like and I love it. Maybe the allergies will abate enough so i can breathe to sleep... I can dream, right?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A bad case of the "zombies"

Tim, my dear, loving, ever-entertaining husband, renamed my allergies "The Zombies". I had about 3 good weeks this summer between spring sneezing and this sudden onset of goldenrod-induced misery that causes me to sneeze, sniffle, moan from headaches, and stumble around under the influence of antihistamines, hence the new joke about me having a case of the zombies.

Think about it, though: Zombies groan, move slowly, don't seem able to see well, and want brains-- if they feel like me, all of this seems rational, even wanting brains! My head hurt so badly earlier I would have loved to trade it with someone else! And I felt so awful I was pretty grump, too,  grumbling as I stumbled through our little house.

Sadly, I didn't start feeling much better until about 3 hours after Tim left. He's going to be working midnights down there for the next month, so he didn't leave until after 5. By this time (and complicated by having the zombies), I really didn't feel like starting any sewing projects, but I haven't sewn ANYTHING since Wednesday. Withdrawal has been starting. So, a nice shower to clear my head, then a return to my sewing area... BAM! INSPIRATION! In the form of knocking over one of my storage boxes. I looked at the jelly roll of green and blue batiks and decided to go ahead and cut it up to make an adaptation of a patten in one of the many magazines I bought recently. What followed was 2 hours of cutting bricks and squares, then sewing about 12 flying geese units and then playing with placement, concluding that I do, in fact, need to pull another batik from my stash to add so that the colors will not crowd into themselves. I had planned on this, but I got tired of cutting and wanted to start piecing. Tomorrow morning, I will cut the non-JR batik to add, then resume piecing and hopefully get something photo-worthy before lunch time.

As usual, I am writing before heading to bed, and after rambling this long and still feeling slightly like a zombie, I do believe it is time to go to bed.

Keep Piecing!