Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Kentucky hills have been destroying my legs, so today's run called for my favorite compression socks. 
And, since I wore my favorite socks, I wore my favorite shoes, headband, and race shirt. It's the little things that make constant inclines and declines more fun.
But then this happened- I took my sunglasses off and they broke! 

And then, when I was loading some stuff into my trunk, THIS happened!
Thank goodness I have a spare, so all is well now.

8 days until the move to Oklahoma!!!!!

Ever lock your keys in your car in a strange way?

Favorite piece of running gear that makes any run better? Gotta be my Halloween ProCompression socks. Confession: I wear them year round! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sanity saver

The past two weeks have been crazy.
The Husbeast graduated from OTS, so I spent 4 days in Alabama.

Then, two days after getting back to my temporary Kentucky home, I had to drive back to Northhern Indiana to supervise the packing/moving of our stuff. It was chaotic, starting with the movers changing dates when I had already arrived, then arriving late, and then finishing later than predicted. Let's just say I am glad it's over.

I stayed sane by sitting on a box and stitching while the movers loaded stuff.

The worst part? Our tempurpedic mattress and box springs were stored in the basement.... And got covered in mold. RUINED. I nearly cried.

Today, I am happy to be back in Kentucky for about two weeks before finally moving to Oklahoma!!!!

These two are happy I'm home, too. And they are exhausted from their runs this morning. Prudence went for a hilly mile, and then I took Matt for what I thought would be another mile... Except we got lost, so it turned into 2.4 miles. Oops.

And with that, I am going to relax. I am exhausted from everything going on!

Ever get lost on a run?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Moving, moving, and more moving

So, I'm temporarily living in Kentucky. 

Mom sold her house, and since I'm staying with her while the Husbeast is in OTS, that means I moved with her.

And will be moving again in Novemebr. 

But before that I have to go back to northern IN to watch the military movers unpack, inventory, and repack our stuff.


Exactly, Matty. That's exactly how I feel about it.

Do you love or hate moving? I'm excited to reunite with the Husbeast in a home of our own again, but not looking forward to two days of six hour drives, and then the fourteen hour drive to Oklahoma. With dogs.