Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some things have to wait.

I would love to be able to do Sewing Summit. Or a quilting cruise, or even a retreat somewhere...

The thing is, all of the above-mentioned events I find happen to fall on a race date for me.

I guess that means this year is all about fitness. Which is ok.

I'll just have to "bucket list" all my sewing destination dreams.

~26 years ago.
Would you believe this girl turned into that much of a runner?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I'm Excited About

I just ordered this for our upcoming Spartan Sprint in April. I know, it's still 56 days away, but I need to do a test run with the skirt, and make sure I have something comfy to wear under it since the shorts I tried today FAILED.
But I'm so dang excited about this skirt!!!! Almost as excited about the skirt as I am about the race. My SIL and my brother will be there- she's on our team, he's the designated photographer because he has some leg issues (hmm, wonder if he ever made that Dr appointment yet?).

And, I'm kind of excited that I'll be starting work again much sooner than I had thought- as in, possibly by the middle of March. It's good, since it means money coming in, money I can use for fabric and running *necessities* but at the same time, it means I won't have as much time to sew. But I feel like it will give me the structure I need to keep studying for my personal trainer certification. In an odd way, with more that I have to do, I tend to get more done. I've been rather distracted/lazy/unmotivated this past week, other than a couple good runs.

Finally, I'm also excited about these:
I won a giveaway from the fabulous people over at Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures back in December, and with every Swoon piece I sew, I get closer to cutting into these beauties. I've actually pondered making a second Swoon quilt with them... don't you think they'd look fabulous? The question would be what color solid to pair with them.

Enjoy the weekend! I hope to sew myself silly while my husband is busy with work and his man things.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little 'Stitious

 As promised, (please excuse the delay, I was sick as a dog), the finished pictures of my version of Made In Cherry- Which I'm calling A Little 'Stitious.
As in, "I'm not superstitious... but I am a little 'stitious." -Michael Scott.
I'm a big fan of The Office. Since I started this on friday the 13th back in January, all the while laughing at superstitions, I figured the title was fitting.
And for anyone who believes in superstitions, look, it's finished. I just busted one for you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling better, but starting to Swoon!

Finally felt well enough to run today! Yay!
Which also meant finally feeling well enough to sew.
That's what I call a good day.

Monday, February 13, 2012


13 degrees. 20-30 mph winds. Truly a Frosty 5K.
 was probably not the smartest thing to do after being sick all week.
Golf courses are always much hillier than I remembered,
 But, it was fun.
I finished 2 minutes and nine seconds faster than I did 2 years ago when I ran the same course, so I was pretty happy.
And, honestly, I felt pretty darn good all day on Saturday....
And then, I woke up yesterday coughing again.
And it's still here today. Which stinks. I hate feeling crappy, but it's almost worse to have a terrible cough and not feel crappy! Because I know I should be taking it easy, but when most of me feels great, it's hard to sit still!
But, according to my husband, I sound TERRIBLE. So I guess I'll try to find something fun on Netflix and work on handwork (thank goodness I found my hexies that had been MIA!).

Hope your week isn't off to as loud of a start as mine is! The funny part? If the dogs are sleeping when a coughing fit starts, they often run to the window looking for that darn barking dog!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Look what I found- my hexies!!! Now I can sit and recover from yesterday while making progress putting these diamonds together. :)

Frosty 5k

I taught my mom how to make an iPad cover using my own pattern. She "paid" me in scraps, and being my photographer at the Frosty 5k yesterday morning.
I finished 4th in my age group/ 31 overall. Not bad considering I was sick all week prior.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


My version of Made in Cherry is done, and keeping me warm. I hope to get a good pic at my mom's this weekend. I'm calling it "A Little 'Stitious" (a quote from The Office).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sick day

3rd time I've been fighting something this year. I don't do "rest" very well. But at least this handwork kept me sort of resting.

Now I just need to get better so I can do well in my 5k on Saturday.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Xstitch love

Seriously, I don't think a cuter dessert of the month club exists. Those Frosted Pumpkin girls are amazing.