Monday, May 30, 2011

Purse #3 and the 500

Newest purse.
Carried it for the first time today.
Verdict: LOVE IT.

I even got a compliment from a Male coworker.
(which led to him calling me Crafty Kasey for about an hour)

By the way, I love my job.
It's on a nationally-ranked golf course, but it's not a stuck up place-
just LOTS of really nice people.
And a great atmosphere.

And I get tips.
Which rocks.
Otherwise known as This Is Planned for Spending.
ME money. 

It funded our race money yesterday- 
I got this:
 While we were here:
What a great day. 

What a great weekend this has been.
I hope you had a great long weekend, too.

Thank a service member if you haven't yet!
(I made my husband brekkers)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maybe next year.

I didn't move on with my quilt in the design star contest. that's ok. I appreciate everyone who voted.

And, sadly, that's all for today... I made a purse, but don't have a good pic yet, and I have to work again today.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Work is exhausting! Or maybe I play too hard.

See that? It's a rice bag- the kind that you put in the microwave to heat up to help sore muscles... the kind that has that delightful starchy smell while the warmth seeps into your aches and pains... I finally made my own.

And today, after Day 1 of my new job, and only 3 hrs of sleep because I was "bad" and stayed out too late having too much fun with my husband and our friends, I came home, ate dinner, heated up the rice bag, and conked out right there.

Thankfully, I have until Wednesday to get back to rested before my next day at work (which is the first of 4 in a row).

This job came just in time... the horrible sounds my car has been making are getting more frequent!

Enjoy the weekend- I hope to sleep extra long tomorrow!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Always something

See this? Easiest Kindle cover I've made yet. Which means something had to go wrong! I got up to my mom's on Wednesday to deliver this for my aunt's retirement, and just by laying it next to the still-unopened box, knew there was a problem. You see, this is for the large version of the Kindle... and Mom ordered the small one by accident.

Which means my aunt got her Kindle cover sans Kindle at her retirement party. The new, correct one should be getting to her soon. I heard she loved the cherries, though!

I start work tomorrow (GASP!). I'm excited. Even though it means less sewing... I always sew less int he summer anyway. And I'll be getting paid to be outside!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wooden shoe rather be Dutch?

A little more about the trip to Holland, MI...
Check out the wooden heal! I thought it was funny.

The trip to the tulip festival was not only fun, but educational- I learned more about the most dominant part of my heritage (both by blood and behavior).

Like why I ate more cheese than most of my friends combined...
why I mix my veggies INTO my potatoes (it's a Dutch thing)...
and learned some funny phrases (some not suitable to put here!).

My mom is the one who LOOKS Dutch.
She is half. 
Nys medisch speler!

I haven't done much sewing other than to make my aunt a Kindle cover for her retirement.

And, happily, I won't have as much time to sew soon...
yes, happily-


Soon, I'll be working at a golf course.
I'm excited.
A job that involves being outdoors- YES!!!
And, it means money to buy more fabric!
 And a kayak. :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tulip Time!

Yesterday meant 8 hours round trip in cars to see this.
Totally worth it!

Had fun with my Momma wandering around the Windmill garden,
and the Dutch village in Holland, MI.

We are part Dutch, anyway. I used to dress up as a little Dutch girl for our 
school's international heritage days.

Aren't they pretty? I took many, many pictures of tulips... I can't wait to plant some bulbs this fall!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.

Mom wanted a tea wallet. 
I also got her a candy corn vine to plant,
and a chamomile plant.

I used to give her slave labor- basically, I'd spend the 
weekend planting flats and flats
of annuals for her after we had picked them out

But, since she's coming down here this year,
she gets to pick up her presents.
I do have a suggestion where she can plant the vine, though.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The link

I'm number 38. If the button on the side (look right and down) isn't working, then this link should get you there.

Vote Here!

Thanks, everyone! You can vote every day. :)

Voting has begun!!!

The one with the almost-bargello quilt? 
It's mine! And I need your votes, please!

Yep, I entered McCall's Deisgn Star contest- it's worth a shot. It's also why I haven't started anything new (on top of the 2 large projects already in progress). If I make it through to the next round, I want to be able to focus on something AWESOME! I even have some of the new DS Quilts fabric waiting, just in case... :)

So, if you like the quilt I made for my husband last Christmas, and would love to see what I can design, please go vote. It's #38- HIs Knives, Her Love. 

I appreciate any help!