Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: what a year.

It is difficult to make concrete goals for 2014 since we don't really know what is going on. A little over a month ago, my husband was notified that his officer training schedule had been changed- but to when we don't know. There's not much worse than waiting to find out how long you' have to wait.
With that in mind, my biggest goal for the year is to take it all in stride. To be a duck and let the bad roll off my back. To be a tumbleweed and go where the winds take me. To adapt as necessary. To smile.
(With a guy like this, it's hard not to smile)

2013 brought me some massive PRs. From 5k to 50k, I PR'd. 
5k 23:48 (1:27 faster!)
10k 50:42
15k 1:20:40
13.1 1:57:04
26.2 4:36:50
50k 6:58:23 (thank goodness the first is alway a PR)

I feel proud of this accomplishments, especially since they all came after surgery in June- proof that six weeks off won't wreck your year (despite my fears). I also love the progression I made over the last 12 months- 4 separate 5k PRs leading up to the current best, and each marathon I ran was faster than the last- 5:12:xx to 4:51:54 to 4:36:50. Hard work pays off, ladies and gents. I even earned my Marathon Maniac status, and if that's not hardworking, I don't know what is! Maniac #7978 can't wait for another 26.2 when I revisit Circular Logic in March.

To sum up 2013 in a few key words: unpredictable, roller coaster! amazing, frustrating, but still pretty darn good. I came out on top every time things got rough. I have faith that we will come out on top again once we find out when my husband heads off. Everything happens for a reason.

I hope 2014 has fewer surgeries, more smiles, less frustration and more forward progress. My theme for the year, both in running and the rest of life: take it all in stride.

Happy New Year, y'all. Let's make 2014 amazing. Let's make it fabulous. Let's be the best versions of ourselves. Let's be grateful. Let's be optimistic. And let's have FUN!!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I came. I ran. I finished. 6:58:xx. I almost quit because my back was in agony, but a fellow runner shared some Motrin. He's my hero. As is Too Tall Fritz, for putting up with me. We were symbiotic runners- she helped me when I struggled; I helped her when she struggled. Thank goodness we never struggled at the same time! Now, the pictures...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make your own luck

When I woke up this morning, it was 4 degrees outside with a feels like temperature of -10! 
That's a big fat can of NOPE when it comes to leaving the house for me!
I made a unicorn, and my aunt named her Lucky. This is what I do when it's cold outside.
Earlier this week, I made this hat because I get headaches is the aforementioned cold air.
By this afternoon, it had warmed enough for me to brave the cold and head to the gym for what turned out to be an awesome circuit. I wish you had been there; it was that fun/challenging/empowering. I love finishing a workout like that!
But now, Lucky and I are under a blanket on the couch, waiting for spring. My hands hurt from being so cold (hence the reason I knit myself a new pair of fingerless gloves every year- I never seem to have enough).
How is the weather in your area?

Friday, December 6, 2013

My favorite things!

I know, I know, I've been MIA. Life has been... well, life. Ups, downs, all arounds!

But, regardless, Christmas is approaching faster than a 5K PR. I love reading other people's favorites, gift lists, etc. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things- the kind that would ALWAYS make me happy if they made their way under the tree! And, since I'm completely UNAFFILIATED and NOT SPONSORED BY ANYONE, you can trust that these are simply my own opinions.

1. Pro compression socks

 See those socks?
 And these?
Yeah, I almost always wear Pro Compression socks when I run halves and fulls.

I even had then on under these grey tights:
Which lead to the next favorite:

2. Tough Chik clothing! As seen with the sweatshirt above. I love that thing, and have been wearing it the past 2 days during the cold snap. It's in the wash, or I'd be wearing it again!
I'm proud to be a member of Team Tough Chik, too. Go check it out, and be on the look out for next year's sign up in the fall.

3. Sparkly Soul Headbands

I only own one of these (until the mail lady gets here with the 2 I ordered on Black Friday!!!!), but I wear it ALL.THE.TIME. Teaching yoga, or at the outdoor shooting range,
 or on a random trip to the botanical gardens.
I love it. I would own more if there were any stores nearby that carried them! In a perfect world, the complete collection would be waiting for me under the tree. But, since some people might find that excessive, I'm anxiously awaiting the 2 I ordered already.

4. Sparkle skirts!!!
I know there are several brands of sparkly skirts, but Sparkle Athletic is my favorite. My first skirt survived a couple 5ks, a Spartan Sprint, and a Tough Mudder before it had to be retired. This red one helped me sparkle my way to a 5K PR this fall. Sparkle=speed!

5. The mythical perfect running shoes.....

I'd love to have a link to my favorite, but each time I find a favorite, I'll-love-this-brand-forever shoe, they change it and it no longer works for me (I'm talking to you, Saucony Kinvara, and you, Mizuno Ronin, and you, Brooks Pure-everything). I love a minimal/natural shoe but with a little cushion since i run mostly on roads. So, until I find a new "perfect" shoe, I'll leave this one open.

What are your favorite things?

Does a perfect shoe even exist? What's your favorite? I'd love to try Skora or Altra shoes, but without anywhere nearby to try them on, I"m hesitant to order since I wouldn't know what size!