Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, I work too much, you know

At least, I feel like I work too much on days like today when I come home and am soooo tired and realize it's somehow Sunday again and I don't know where on earth the last six days went. It feels like it's always Sunday when I finally figure out what day it is.

But, I have managed some sewing time in those days that disappeared. Tonight, I worked on this:

A much-improved double wedding ring, thanks to paper piecing. If all goes well, I might turn it into a purse- I know, not exactly traditional use of a traditional block, but I think it will look really cool.

Sewing time came after I spent nearly an hour hunting down the Big Brown Idiot who snuck under the fence and terrorized the neighbor kids around the corner- first he scared them, then they saw what a lovable moron was and they wanted to keep him. So, when I finally found him, I told them I'd bring him down to play once I was recovered from my heart attack. I love that moron way too much.
This was taken last weekend when I was getting ready for an early day at work. He brought his blanket out with him like that then laid there while i ate breakfast. Such a sweetheart, but such an idiot. Gotta love that dog.

I blame monster mutt (ok, purebred) Matt for my online retail therapy tonight- I just ordered 4 embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching, and then ordered two charms packs from Green Fairy Quilts. Granted, spending a total of $36 combined is not exactly a binge, but I rarely, if ever, shop online, so two purchases for me is extraordinary. I also placated my conscience with the fact that I had to work and so missed the shop hop in Kokomo a few weeks ago, and will probably miss the one in Northern Indiana, too, this October unless I can get the day off.

And besides, isn't the point of earning money so that I can spend it on the little things that make me happy?

I better turn off the computer soon, though, or I might find something else I need. Must.resist.more.spending.... at least for tonight.

Let's all have a great week now, and soon it will be Sunday again!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be kind. Please.

So, what have I been doing?

Working, working, sleeping, working, and a little sewing.

I have a Halloween costume about halfway done. And my next purse idea is percolating in my brain.

But, tonight, I want to take a moment to remind you all:

You know the amazingly talented, super creative, all around nice lady Bari J ?

Well, people have been mean to her again. And she's not the only amazingly talented designer who I've heard of being mistreated.

Why? Why are these lovely ladies being insulted, criticized, and basically bullied?
I can't figure this out. It's just uncalled for.

Perhaps it's the same reason celebrities in Hollywood get vicious rumors spread. Perhaps it's jealousy. Perhaps it's just that there are some really insensitive people out there.

Whatever it is, please don't be the meanie.

(End Kasey's PSA of the day)