Friday, July 22, 2011

Quilt is on its way.

Mom came down for lunch today, and picked up the quilt to take back home with her. By tomorrow, my old classmate will have a little more comfort to wrap up with.
Cancer sucks. Writing a note to her, I started crying, part for her, and part missing my dad. I'm grateful for his "extra" 8 years- he fought for 10 when they initially predicted only 2- so I'm grateful for that, but if cancer were a person, I would be behind bars for murder. It makes me so angry to see good people have to suffer through such miserable disease. My dad had a great attitude, and truly LIVED rather than existed, but still.
F*** cancer.
I was too emotional to take a picture of the quilt. But I'm positive she'll feel the love when she sees it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot, hot, hot.

It's been HOT! Hot enough I probably shouldn't have gone for a 4-mile run today, but I needed the mental victory of beating the heat since our half marathon is (EEK!) only 60 days away.

It's been so hot I've had the last two days off work since no one wants to golf when the heat is this oppressive.

So, I've been trying to finish this:
I got the lines quilted going one way, but then messed up the second perpendicular line, which was my sign that it's time to get some rest instead of pushing through. I have until Friday to send it back with my mom. It's backed in flannel, so it should be a good chemo quilt for my friend.

Do you ever have a day where you feel like you got nothing done, but then when you sit down and think about it, you've done a ton? Like sweeping, vacuuming,  basting and half-quilting a quilt, dusting, running, cooking dinner early so your husband could have some, tending the garden, playing with the dogs (Prudence has a love/hate relationship with the hose now), etc? I guess it's good I was so busy today- back to work tomorrow! It's going to be even hotter- I'll be glad to be in the clubhouse!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Words, words, more words

I wish I could plug a cord into my head and download all my ideas to show you. Then I could get some feedback, share the thought processes, and not FORGET THEM!

I promise pictures will be coming soon. I'm finishing a quilt for a girl I went to school with from kindergarten all the way through high school.... She started chemo today and I felt I had to make her a quilt. It needs to be finished asap, at the latest Friday so my mum can take it back up north.

And then I want to make another purse... and work on a growing quilt idea.... and maybe make another bag.... and some random things, like placemats.... :)

AND TAKE PICTURES so you're not so bored!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Is anyone else getting solicited about "special offers for bloggers like YOU"? I got one email that seemed legit, but still haven't responded to since I've been way too busy to be online much, but then today, after 48 hours internet-free, I find a "special offer" to run ads for some company that Gmail is convinced is spam (and I think I agree).
Now, I would not be opposed to having ads for fabric, quilting, etc running on my blog, if they were not obtrusive, and I could get paid in yardage. :D

I wouldn't even mind putting a button or two up for some of the really awesome fabric sites I stalk, especially if I ever bite the bullet and buy from them (still trying to decide what I would Do with all that lovely fabric I see).

But random companies of which I've never heard?

When I'm not even blogging much these days due to work?
(And probably won't be until the golf course slows down?)

Things like this are why the internet annoys me.... there are so many crooks and swindlers out there is becomes difficult to determine who is legit and who just wants to steal my identity or hack into my ever-growing digital photo album of the most adorable dogs in the world.

I guess my point is this:
I have no way of verifying the legitimacy of any unknown company, so for now, I will trust Gmail: if the Google Gods label you SPAM, then I shall have to agree rather than risk anything. Sorry.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


How did I go 2 weeks without remembering to blog? 
I blame work... and the nice weather...
and the Chuck it!!!
 Matt Lauer and I agree- BEST TOY EVER!
I throw the ball for him and Prudence without ever touching the nastiness.
Heaven for us all.

 I'm still sewing... here is my husband's placemat just before binding. It has since been finished and sits in contrasting glory next to mine.
 We also celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. He got me another band (the bottom of them) so that I can take my solitaire off when running and stop tearing up my pinkie finger, but still have something one that says MARRIED: LEAVE ME ALONE.
I hate getting hit on... especially when I'm sweaty/hungry/tired/just want to be left to my own devices running.
But, we did run a 5K together yesterday, and I ran a new personal best- 26:11. I'm pretty happy about that. My husband ran his in just under 24 minutes, so we were both happy.
 I've found a way to combine sewing a running. Or at least I sewed something for running: An insulated bottle holder. Doesn't Prince Charming look like he's ready to go?
Finally, my newest table topper, which was finished just in time for the fourth- finished on Sunday, the 3rd to be exact! It's an original design, made with fabrics I bought when my MIL and grandma were here. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Enjoy the rest of the week- I had 2 days off, but it's back to work now.