Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Four week shape up- the results

Remember the   4 Week Shape Up Plan ? are the results, in all their bathroom photo glory!!! Don't mind my face; I clearly love taking these photos. *why is there no sarcasm font?*



I'm not sure if there is much of a visible, difference in these photos, but check this out- Saturday, I slipped on my favorite pair of cycling shorts before Bloom and Zoom 40 mile ride... And they were loose around the leg opening!

Don't mind Turd Ferguson, the photo-bombing basset hound. She was pouting because she could tell I was about to leave without her.

See that? The gripper isn't snug. What?!? While the fullest part of my thighs showed no change in inches, there must have been some shrinkage there. 

Unfortunately, this meant my shorts were annoying and sliding around for 42 miles, but oh well. No sausage legs. Worth it.

Overall, most measurements remained the same- waist, calves, thighs were unchanged- but I did gain a quarter inch around my biceps- and I'm totally ok with that, since I was able to help my brother load a 400 lb iron saw table into a moving truck over the weekend. He actually called me a beast. All little sisters know the pride I felt getting that kind of praise from my big brother!

Angelena has plenty to offer here. Go check it out! As I said last time, she knows here stuff. The plan is thorough and easy to follow, complete with checklists and progress tracking. Having a place to record the workouts makes it easier to keep going during that third week- seeing progress keeps me going!

Overall, I enjoyed this   4 Week Shape Up Plan. The strength parts took 30-45 minutes to complete, and since I've been run streaking, adding cardio after that was no big deal.

I plan on continuing the workouts, as evidenced by my planner- I even made stickers for each of the days:
LOVE my planner. Want your own? Sign up for a $10 coupon here!
I love how I was able to change the order of the workouts to fit my needs. Since I was recently talked into running a 15k on Labor Day, I've been trying to get a few long runs done on weekends, so I moved leg day to the beginning of the week.

My only complaint about the program is the lack of core work. I stuck to the plan, but I wanted to do more core work than just one day. Going forward, I will probably add some of my favorite and least favorite core exercises at the beginning of each workout, more like i was doing last spring before the moving/life chaos began.

Thanks, Angelena, for giving me an opportunity to try your program! The   4 Week Shape Up Plan is easy to follow, and a great bargain at only $10. It's practically a book, full of everything you need to follow a plan to a better version of You. It's completely customizable, and if you have the drive to do the work, results will come.

The true test is going to come in October. If I can keep up with staying in shape, will my husband notice any changes when we finally see each other again??? I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's here!!!!!!

My Erin Condren life planner arrived!!!!! And it's perfect. I love this cover- but they are interchangeable, which made it easier to pick just one when I ordered, since I know I can get another later if I want. :)

So pretty... And I've already begun to personalize my weekly spreads.

Here's a normal week before it gets written in:

And here's a week in all it's decorated glory:

Somehow, having my to-do lists and chores written in a pretty planner and decorated with stickers makes it more fun to do them. Plus, it's a lot harder to skip workouts when I wrote them in pen in my planner.

Love, love, love it. It took a long time to get here (most orders take 2-3 weeks to get printed), but it was worth it.

I love being able to write the week's dinners along the bottom, make lists for the days I have things to do, and then decorate the crap out of it ally this week's theme was easy to pick- SHARK WEEK!!!!! 

Next week, I just went with bright colors: 
So fun. 

The good news? I have a referral link to share! Use this link
to create a new account, and you will get a coupon for $10 off. Pretty sweet, huh?

This planner is going to keep me organized through the next 17 months- 3 moves, 2 PCS, and who knows what else. 

Do you use a planner? I used to look forward to getting a new one every year for back to school. I LOVED picking out a planner. I'm so glad I found one to use as an adult!

Monday, August 11, 2014


Posts are about to become less-frequent around here. Towards the end of the month, if you don't hear from me, there is no need to worry. I will be moving sometime at the beginning of September, and it's already becoming the biggest time suck since I'm helping my mom move- I just happen to be going along for the ride.

And then I will move again sometime in October. Awesome.

I'm still trying to do some yoga:

And running, rain or shine:

And Prudence has the best idea- just relax. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Being a single dog parent.

I'm home alone with all three dogs. The Husbeast is off to OTS, and Mom is house hunting (hooray for that- no one wants to be homeless!) so I've been stuck as the sole pack leader. Most of the time, it's great.

Except last night. Turd Ferguson, the basset hound, decided she would not rest until I let her in my bed. She's my mom's dog, and yes, she sleeps under the covers with my mom. 

I, however, am a bitch. I let her whine and bang her head on the door for over an hour. She was like a stubby-legged battering ram as she attempted to jostle the door open. No luck, though. When I was no longer amused by her determination, I put the baby gate up outside the short hall so she could no longer knock. Told you I'm a bitch. I love dogs, but my sleep is precious to me. And Fergie is a dirty little turd who likes to roll in raccoon poo. NO WAY she will ever get in my bed. 

Thank goodness this one is a honey badger. 
She just wallows in the couch pillows and doesn't care.
And then there's this guy. Currently, he is eating his feelings- crazy baby has eaten twice as much as normal, probably because he misses the Husbeast.

And when he's not eating, he's following me everywhere.

Even stretching.

I love all three, but when two of them are needy little sad sacks, Prudence has no fear of losing her status as the favorite.

Dog person? Cat person? Animal-hating sad sack? I'm sorry, we can't be friends if you hate animals.

Even when I complain about the needy little beasties, I love them all. But I'm glad my mom will be home Thursday so Turd Ferguson will leave me alone at night!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014


Check out that calendar- filling up fast! (Hurry up and get here, planner!)

Life is getting crazy. It looks like I will be moving in September- Mom sold her house. So, as long as the buyer isn't deterred by the one plumbing repair needed per the home inspection, I will be moving with my mother to South Carolina.

Did I mention my husband leaves this Sunday for Officer Training? Because he does.

Life is getting crazy.

So I made him a blueberry pie.

And it was delicious.

On a scale of one to ten, how crazy is you life right now? I'd call this a five. It's chaos, but a level I can still handle.

Pie. Yes? Of course.