Monday, September 1, 2014

A story about sucking it up.

Today was the Blueberry Stomp 15k.

I had not trained for this beyond a single 7 mile run since May.

It was hot. Humid. And definitely not flat.

And all I wanted to do was stay in bed at 5:30 am. Or choose 5k instead of 15k once I was signing up this morning. Or turn with the 5k runners when they split off during the race. Or ask the volunteer for a ride back to the start when I was halfway through. 

But I did none of that. 

I sucked it up and ran. I walked when I was too dizzy, but still managed a 9:40 pace overall with my 1:30:58 finish.

I finished. 

That's all that mattered today.

And then we changed out of our wringable, sweat-soaked shirts and walked around the blueberry festival. Friends make sucky runs much more bearable (she smoked it today with her new PR of 1:23:xx!).

Best run lately?

Worst run? Hey, humidity, I'm over it.

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