Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, I work too much, you know

At least, I feel like I work too much on days like today when I come home and am soooo tired and realize it's somehow Sunday again and I don't know where on earth the last six days went. It feels like it's always Sunday when I finally figure out what day it is.

But, I have managed some sewing time in those days that disappeared. Tonight, I worked on this:

A much-improved double wedding ring, thanks to paper piecing. If all goes well, I might turn it into a purse- I know, not exactly traditional use of a traditional block, but I think it will look really cool.

Sewing time came after I spent nearly an hour hunting down the Big Brown Idiot who snuck under the fence and terrorized the neighbor kids around the corner- first he scared them, then they saw what a lovable moron was and they wanted to keep him. So, when I finally found him, I told them I'd bring him down to play once I was recovered from my heart attack. I love that moron way too much.
This was taken last weekend when I was getting ready for an early day at work. He brought his blanket out with him like that then laid there while i ate breakfast. Such a sweetheart, but such an idiot. Gotta love that dog.

I blame monster mutt (ok, purebred) Matt for my online retail therapy tonight- I just ordered 4 embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching, and then ordered two charms packs from Green Fairy Quilts. Granted, spending a total of $36 combined is not exactly a binge, but I rarely, if ever, shop online, so two purchases for me is extraordinary. I also placated my conscience with the fact that I had to work and so missed the shop hop in Kokomo a few weeks ago, and will probably miss the one in Northern Indiana, too, this October unless I can get the day off.

And besides, isn't the point of earning money so that I can spend it on the little things that make me happy?

I better turn off the computer soon, though, or I might find something else I need. Must.resist.more.spending.... at least for tonight.

Let's all have a great week now, and soon it will be Sunday again!!!

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  1. AAhhh - love your doggy! What a big ol' sweetie! That's right - you can't take it with you, so have some fun - can't wait to see your purchases.


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