Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Mail!

Many thanks to Linda at Stray Stitches- she hosted a giveaway a little bit ago, and I won a gift certificate to everyone's favorite: FAT QUARTER SHOP!!!! 

I knew exactly what I *needed*- fabric with a B2 bomber on it for my commemorative race quilt for all the runs I've done- the B2 will, of course, be fore the Air Force marathon block.

And, since I went with a half yard of it instead of waiting for the whole line of fat quarters to be available, I had to find something else- so I picked out a charm pack and that book- both things that I normally wouldn't buy for myself (charm packs are kind of pricey when you break it down, and a book just for charm packs? So very single-minded!). It's nice every once in a while to be able to get something like that, something I normally wouldn't because I try so hard to be practical.

As Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec would say, sometimes you gotta Treat Yoself!

Thanks again, Linda! Time to go play!

PS- I've got a project in the works that uses the tiniest piece of that runner fabric from before- I can't wait to get it finished to show you all! I love combining running and quilting :)

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  1. congrats on your win. can't go wrong with the fat qt. shop.


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