Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've stayed away from reading blogs and writing posts these past few days because, well, I'm on drugs. Prescription painkillers, to be exact, and not even the "good ones" because I'm allergic to just about every narcotic there is. So it's some sort of super Ibuprofen type stuff, but it still makes me a little loopy.

I finally felt like getting out of my recliner long enough to read through some of my favorites, which led me to some new ones, and to a surprise-- you know those comment moderation, prove you're not a robot capcha things? I just had one that read "ojduche." Wow, sounds like someone is still mad about that whole incident. Or maybe it's just the painkillers making me think that's funny, and y'all are like, "Wow, did they give her a lobotomy, too?"

If YOU ever have your gallbladder removed, here's a rundown of what I went through, so you'll have some idea of the misery that is supposed to alleviate misery (fingers crossed!).

The procedure only took 1 hour, 15 minutes once they got me back in the OR. It felt like a flash to me, thanks to those horrible burn-your-veins sleepy drugs. Why does that stuff hurt so badly? It's such an awful feeling before a forced nap.

For some reason, once I woke up, everything felt like it was in fast forward- music sounded sped up, the ride home seemed wicked quick, and even my husband sounded like he was talking quickly (normally, when he tells stories, I have to tell him to speed up to keep up with my ADHD). And the SMELLS! I now know how dogs feel when they ride in the car. My husband needs an award for listening to my smell-ramblings.... "I smell smoke. Dirty smoke. It's probably cigarettes but smells like pot. Oh, holy cow, peppermint. Ew, White Castle smells like chemicals. Chemicals! There's a Chevy in front of us, isn't there? I can smell its exhaust."

Speaking of giving him awards, he made for a great nurse/caretaker, even reprimanding me when I needed it. I'm too stubborn sometimes. And he bought me flowers. I could make millions if I could clone him and sell him, he's that great. But, i'd never do that, because I'm too selfish.

Pain wise, most people don't suffer as much as I have, since they can have narcotics. Either way, it wasn't that bad. I felt like a turtle Monday night and Tuesday, since I felt super weak, and without the ability to use my abs, I pretty much couldn't get up without it being an ordeal. Either Tim had to lift me, or I had to take about 5 minutes to scoot to the edge of my recliner, and use what little rock it had to semi-propel myself forward to get up.

I've slept in that chair since Monday, but I hope to be back in bed like a normal person tonight.

Today is the first day I've craved exercise. Everything hurts enough I know it's a bad idea, but I'm starting to plan my next run, and looking forward to being back to even 75% where I can run and teach Zumba like normal (even though I WILL teach tomorrow if I have a class, just a modified version).

So, basically, this surgery has been no big deal, and about as expected. I hope to run on Sunday, and may or may not have tried running in place a few times today. :)

I really hope this alleviates all the pain I've had when eating. In theory, it should. Any one want to join me for a bacon binge once I'm all healed to test it out? Just kidding. Or am I????????


  1. Hope you continue to feel better Kasey!

  2. Hope you have a speedy and most excellent recovery. :)


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