Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Circuit, and Sick!

Yesterday, we did my favorite thing for our running group: the CIRCUIT! 10 exercises, bookended with 6 suicides, and 40 push-ups/ 60 sit-ups. LOVE IT. It makes me feel like an athlete again. Yesterday, it made me feel more exhausted than usual, so I wasn't surprised to wake up and find myself feeling like crap. I'd been fighting a bug since Monday evening.... UGH.

I'd rather get sick this week than next, though. Circular Logic Marathon is 10 days away!!!

The worst part about being sick today is that Sheila, the strength training/conditioning class instructor, called in sick, and they called me to sub for the first time. I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT! It killed me to have to say no. But I did make my boss laugh when I replied, "Oh, so it's her fault I sound like a chain-smoking elf."

I hope to feel well enough to join the running group again tomorrow. My mind says I'll be fine by morning. Usually, I'm not down for long. Dinner tonight is going to be chicken soup, apple juice, and a side of Mucinex. Every time I take it today, I get about 2 hours of feeling back to normal (another bit of info that tells me I'm beating this thing for the most part, if only I could get rid of the drainage).

Tomorrow, we'll be close enough to marathon day for it to show up in my weather app... which means I'll be obsessively checking it over and over and over again. I have no clue what i'm going to wear for once. The weather has been so up and down... what doofus thought it would be a good idea to run a marathon in Indiana in March?

(If any of this is rambling more than usual or makes no sense, please forgive me. Cold meds of any sort always seem to make me goofy)

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