Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still sick, but SASSY!

Today, I feel like death warmed over. Whining out of the way, my day was made when the mail came- and along with it, the Sassy bands I won from a recent giveaway over on Amy's blog, Running Escapades

So, even though I'm not feeling the best physically, mentally I'm about as sparkly as these headbands!
And check out that added bonus- I got to pick three headbands as my prize, and since Paula, Ms. SassyBands herself, wasn't sure which pink one, she sent both!

I did as much product testing as I could today. I can tell you they stay in place while making pizza, watching TV, and even during a failed attempt at a nap that included much tossing and turning as I tried to breathe.
I really hope I feel at least better enough to teach Zumba tomorrow so I can test them further (thank goodness I use hand cues for my class, since even if I feel amazing in the morning, there's no way I'll have a voice back since I'm a decibel away from mute right now!).

Seriously, though. Go check out Sassy bands. They're competitively priced (lower than some of the other brands you see online!), and they're a small business from Ohio. You know exactly where your money is going when you support a business like this.

And who knows, maybe they have healing powers, and I'll wake up feeling 100% tomorrow! And, if I don't, I'll be sure to wear a sparkly one so it will distract from sickface. :)

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