Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: what a year.

It is difficult to make concrete goals for 2014 since we don't really know what is going on. A little over a month ago, my husband was notified that his officer training schedule had been changed- but to when we don't know. There's not much worse than waiting to find out how long you' have to wait.
With that in mind, my biggest goal for the year is to take it all in stride. To be a duck and let the bad roll off my back. To be a tumbleweed and go where the winds take me. To adapt as necessary. To smile.
(With a guy like this, it's hard not to smile)

2013 brought me some massive PRs. From 5k to 50k, I PR'd. 
5k 23:48 (1:27 faster!)
10k 50:42
15k 1:20:40
13.1 1:57:04
26.2 4:36:50
50k 6:58:23 (thank goodness the first is alway a PR)

I feel proud of this accomplishments, especially since they all came after surgery in June- proof that six weeks off won't wreck your year (despite my fears). I also love the progression I made over the last 12 months- 4 separate 5k PRs leading up to the current best, and each marathon I ran was faster than the last- 5:12:xx to 4:51:54 to 4:36:50. Hard work pays off, ladies and gents. I even earned my Marathon Maniac status, and if that's not hardworking, I don't know what is! Maniac #7978 can't wait for another 26.2 when I revisit Circular Logic in March.

To sum up 2013 in a few key words: unpredictable, roller coaster! amazing, frustrating, but still pretty darn good. I came out on top every time things got rough. I have faith that we will come out on top again once we find out when my husband heads off. Everything happens for a reason.

I hope 2014 has fewer surgeries, more smiles, less frustration and more forward progress. My theme for the year, both in running and the rest of life: take it all in stride.

Happy New Year, y'all. Let's make 2014 amazing. Let's make it fabulous. Let's be the best versions of ourselves. Let's be grateful. Let's be optimistic. And let's have FUN!!!!!

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