Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dog runs, errands, and wrenches.

The day started waiting for comcast... Ugh. Never fun. But as soon as that was done, I took each dog for a run. They all ended up exhausted.
Fergie was tired even hough she only gets a half mile walk for my cool down. Those little Bassett legs just can't quite run wih me, but a good walk suits her just fine.
After that, I had my husband's blessing to go get clip in pedals and shoes for my bicycle. Yay!

I thought I could change them myself, and I know how to do it, but the darn things are stuck.
As in, I took a rubber mallet to them and everything stuck. Stuck, stuck, STUCK.

Guess what my husband gets to do tomorrow? :D 

The highlight of the frustrating day was when it turned around with his- a Vegetti! It turns vegetables into "noodles." I shredded a zucchini and cooked it in chicken broth for a tasty side dish. It was easy and yummy, so it's a win!

 Upside/downsides to your day? I almost forgot the best one- I cured Matty's upset stomach (complete with constant dog I-am-about-to-puke-on-your-shoes-drool) with a half mile walk. No puke and a little extra activity is a double win!

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