Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Being a single dog parent.

I'm home alone with all three dogs. The Husbeast is off to OTS, and Mom is house hunting (hooray for that- no one wants to be homeless!) so I've been stuck as the sole pack leader. Most of the time, it's great.

Except last night. Turd Ferguson, the basset hound, decided she would not rest until I let her in my bed. She's my mom's dog, and yes, she sleeps under the covers with my mom. 

I, however, am a bitch. I let her whine and bang her head on the door for over an hour. She was like a stubby-legged battering ram as she attempted to jostle the door open. No luck, though. When I was no longer amused by her determination, I put the baby gate up outside the short hall so she could no longer knock. Told you I'm a bitch. I love dogs, but my sleep is precious to me. And Fergie is a dirty little turd who likes to roll in raccoon poo. NO WAY she will ever get in my bed. 

Thank goodness this one is a honey badger. 
She just wallows in the couch pillows and doesn't care.
And then there's this guy. Currently, he is eating his feelings- crazy baby has eaten twice as much as normal, probably because he misses the Husbeast.

And when he's not eating, he's following me everywhere.

Even stretching.

I love all three, but when two of them are needy little sad sacks, Prudence has no fear of losing her status as the favorite.

Dog person? Cat person? Animal-hating sad sack? I'm sorry, we can't be friends if you hate animals.

Even when I complain about the needy little beasties, I love them all. But I'm glad my mom will be home Thursday so Turd Ferguson will leave me alone at night!!!

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  1. You make me laugh. I, too, am a bitch. The bed is for me. And sometimes Mark ;)


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