Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years and 2 months ago, I stood high up in one of the World Trade Center towers with my entire summer U.S. history class. It was just one stop of many for us during our 2 week adventure on the east coast. Somewhere, I have a scrap book with the photo of our entire class smiling, completely unaware that the world would be changing so drastically.
If you haven't already, take a moment to appreciate this day. We will never forget those whose lives were lost, nor the lives of the servicemen and women who have since lost their lives in the ensuing battles.
I've had my many moments of silence this morning watching the memorial service. I cried more than I care to admit. So, I think I earned all the raucous noise I've been making this afternoon to celebrate the start of football season. If you're a Bears fan, too, you know what I mean. :D

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