Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, if Autumn has to arrive...

We've been going through a cool spell. Frankly, that makes me sad. I don't like cold, and cool means cold is on the way. So, to cheer myself back up, I started decorating!

I pulled out this banner that I made last year (and never got to hang) and hung it by the back door.
 And then I pulled out the pumpkin placemats, and hanging a sign I got at Target that says, "The Witch is In/Out" (it's one you can turn to say either).

And then, since cool weather tends to bring back my sewing mojo, I stitched up the main part of an advent calendar thanks to a Moda Bake Shop recipe.
 This is one of the 4 charm packs I recently purchased- Santa's Little Helpers. I love sock monkeys. I need to figure out what color for the border so I can make my modification to the pattern- it only has 24 pockets! We always had 25, so that there would be a surprise on Christmas day, too!
It's strange, in real life, the reds match better and the black doesn't look quite so garish, but the photo makes it look like I have no color sense whatsoever.
It's been raining lately, which means Matt doesn't get to play outside as much as he'd like... so he's taken to surfing the web!
Hope you have a fun weekend!

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