Thursday, September 22, 2011

We finished!!

Look at us, smiling after last Saturday's half marathon at Wright Patterson AFB. Can I just say it is the coolest thing I have ever accomplished? I am not thoroughly addicted to running. My reward to myself for smashing my goals (I finished in 2:13:06 and beat the captain) was to order some new cold-weather running gear.
Now, I need to stitch up a new quilt to snuggle under during recovery days this fall and winter.
We're contemplating running the Indianapolis Monumental Half this November, too, if Tim can get off work. We're already committed to the Cole Porter 15K a week from Saturday here in town, and a costume 5K in Indy at the end of October.
I guess my running addiction is a pretty good match to my quilting obsession- one keeps me fit, the other keeps me warm and rested, and they both make me happy!!!!

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