Monday, March 26, 2012

Why the snobbery? WHY?

It seems that in running, as in quilting, there are elitists/snobs/those who think they are superior.

I was looking for a tutorial to make a running skirt, and found a blog in which the owner used some extremely ugly language in regards to running skirts and those who wear them.

Excuse me, but who are you to judge? Why can't running be for fun? I will never be an Olympian, and I accept that, so why can't I have fun, why can't I wear a skirt, or even a full costume?

It makes me no less of a runner because I sometimes wear a sparkly green skirt, listen to music, and will never run as fast as the incredible Kara Goucher. The fact that I'm running, no matter how slowly, makes me  RUNNER.

Just like I am no less of a quilter because I don't always follow the rules. I confess that I sometimes use good ol' Dual Duty poly/cotton blend when I need a colored thread to match for topstitching. GASP! Arrest me now, Quilt Police! I also mix fabric lines, mix designer fabric with whatever is on hand, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE fabric that I've bought with a coupon!!!!!

My finished product has a top, batting, and a back, and is bound, and is therefore a QUILT. Making me a quilter.

I run; I am a runner. I quilt; I am a quilter.

I'm not asking you to run at my pace, nor am I asking you to sleep under my quilts.

Now, if anyone knows of a cute running skirt tutorial, I've got some costume ideas I'd love to work on for my next big run!


  1. I feel that way about some quilting blogs I read, so I just don't visit them again. Your running skirt sounds super cute! I haven't ventured into clothing yet.

    1. I only make super simple clothing- with the exception of last year's Saloon girl Halloween costume that took over 30 hours of labor, and was worn for about half an hour during a 5k (the photos were worth every minute!)

  2. I am right there with you. Unfortunately ere is a lot of snobbery out there that is totally unnecessary, especially when in comes to fabric purchasing decicons! I love being able to run to Joann and get something cute to finish off a project, even though there's no designers name on the selvage. I'm working my way through a stash of thread that was passed down from my grandmother, is no Aurifil but it gets the job done. Running skirts are cute and if looking cute keeps you motivated, run in a poodle skirt ;)


    1. Poodle skirts aren't out of the question for a Halloween run! I've got some of my grandma's thread, too. And since most quilts I've made lately have been for babies, it makes me think sometimes, the fabric should be humble- it's going to get puked on, after all!


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