Friday, March 30, 2012

Done, delivered, and shivered all the way home

The hubs and I rode the motorcycle to deliver this baby quilt to my mom's (she's my liaison up north). We realized about half hour into the drive north that it definitely wasn't as warm as we thought. By the time we had ridden 1 hr 45 mins north, ate dinner and headed home, we had to stop by Meijer to get sweatpants to put OVER our jeans just so we could finish the last hour of the ride home. IT WAS SO COLD!

Once we got home, I scalded myself in the shower in an attempt to get warm- I was so cold I couldn't feel that the water was too hot!

In other news, I received the skirt I ordered from Bibbity Running, and I absolutely LOVE it!
I ran 4 miles in it today, and it is shocking how comfortable, how cool my lower half stayed, and how fun it was to wear!!! They're having a sale right now, so when I got home, I ordered 2 more skirts (white and red, since they will look good with most of my current running gear) before I even showered. They're that comfortable. And, what can I say, I'm partial to supporting fellow Hoosiers, especially when they donate a portion of their proceeds to help little kids fight cancer. I lost my dad to that evil disease, but at least he'd had a good chunk of life- these kids need all the help they can get just to live to be teenagers.

My muscles really seemed to enjoy my run today, but my energy was absolutely non-existent. I turned around at 2 miles because I realized I had forgotten to eat lunch. I think that's happened perhaps twice in the past. EVER. It also explains why I had a mild headache, and why I felt so sleepy after running errands.

Enjoy your weekend! I'm running a virtual 5k sometime next week, and meeting up with some fellow Green Dragons for Spartan training on Sunday. And, somewhere in there I hope to figure out my next sewing project!

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