Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My little girl, and being volunteered to volunteer.

Poor, pitiful Prudence. If only she was an endurance runner, she could come with on my runs (but she sounds like a steam engine after 20 feet!).
How can you not love that little girl? Even though this is the face of concern I get when I get ready to go for a run. She hates it whenever I leave without her.

Tomorrow, I'll be volunteering at a 5k for the first time ever (the one that I got volunteered to volunteer by one of my husband's commanding officers.... can't really say no to that. And I would have volunteered if I hadn't already been volunteered!). I'm almost as excited as I would be if I were running it. I might still get to run it, too, which is awesome. Will work for race entry!

My mother is coming down to help, too- any excuse to come visit is a good excuse to us both. I'm hoping I can convince her to go get Mexican food and margaritas afterwards- there's a restaurant 50 feet from the finish that has BOGO margaritas on Wednesdays. And, since we can walk to the 5k and then back home after dinner, why not?

I'm having my usual night-before-an-event wardrobe debate. I need to get back to that, and make big decisions like grey tank or blue, and black skirt with pink or black skirt with red. This is the burden of my night tonight. And hoping Maria and Derek don't get booted from DWTS.


  1. Your dog is SO precious! Did you have a blast volunteering? What was your job?

    1. I worked the registration table for about 5 minutes before being sent to literally run down passing people and try to get last minutes registrants. It was pretty hilarious. We ended up with 19 people, though, which is 10 more than they had registered!


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