Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank goodness there was only one!

If this is any indicator, I'm glad they didn't catch me in any other photos- what the heck am I doing? I"m the one on the right who looks to be in I-Have-To-Pee pose, but I know that's not what was going on. More likely, it was mid-fidget. But, you see that little girl in pink? She's the future track star with whom I ran that 5k. Yep, she ran in jean shorts! Gotta love kids. Her mom, in red, is pretty Bad A. too. She finished in 24 minutes. If that girl calls herself slow one more time, I might smack her- you know she did her 1.5 mile PT test for the Air Force this last weekend in 11 minutes flat? My friend is fast, and needs to give herself more credit.

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