Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm ready, I'm ready

Today, I am back to being super excited. I'm about to run my first MARATHON! And nothing is going to steal that joy away.

Now, go read that title again in the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, because that's how I've been chanting it as I skip around the house.

This was my debate on Wednesday- which shoes to wear for a 5k fun run.
I ended up going with the Vibrams, and also ended up running my second-best 5k ever. And I didn't feel like I was pushing it hard enough to be only 5 seconds off a PR! That makes me feel like marathon training has really improved my fitness.

I don't care if you're not a runner, set a fitness goal- achieving it gives you so much pride, so much strength, so much love for yourself!

I'm ready, I'm ready!

And, when it gets tough, I'll just switch to Dory- Just keep swimming (running), just keep swimming (running), Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! What do we do? We SWIM! SWIM! (RUN! RUN!)

Enjoy your weekend- I'm leaving the laptop behind, and going to enjoy a slightly less-techy weekend. Though I may have to mobile-blog once that medal it around my neck. :D

Are you enjoying the cooler weather? I'm so happy the temps for Saturday are in the mid 70s rather than 80s. Perfect for running- cool start at 49 degrees F, ending around 75 by the time I expect to finish- AWESOME!

Are you a pumpkin spice latte fan? I've loved the PSL since college, even before I was a barista. I love them so much, I usually try to prolong the first one of the season to prevent overkill. Because of the marathon, I chose TODAY as the day I would let myself have my first PSL of the year. You hear that, Dayton baristas? Tall, nonfat, no whip PSL, please.


  1. Good luck! Looking forward to the recap:-)

  2. I am LOVING these cooler temps. Fall is my favorite time of year. and pumpkin spice lattes are the best! Love pumpkin spice anything really.

    have a great run!


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