Saturday, September 1, 2012

Benadryl hangover

 Do you see the word "gum" anywhere in that photo? As in xanthan gum, guar gum, or any others? Or carrageenan? Glister ester of rosin? No? Me either. Which is why I thought it would be safe to eat. But, after having the WORST allergic reaction to food of my life, I'm beginning to wonder. My best guess at this point is that the processing factory either 1) left an ingredient off the label, or 2) cross-contaminated from their other flavors (all of which had one of my lovely allergy fiends). Regardless, I'll never buy those noodles again. Not after an evening coughing, wheezing, hives on my neck, feeling like fire ants were dancing in my ears and throat, and being semi-comatose from benadryl the rest of the time.

Food allergies suck.

I went to bed at 9:30, which is early even for an "old lady" like me.

Today, I woke up with a Benadryl hangover, and didn't feel like doing much. Which means I didn't go for that longish run I had planned.

 I ran the necessary errands, then came home and flopped for a bit. After the hubs left for work, I sat in my sewing room for nearly an hour, and finally had enough energy to play with  these squares:
 I won them at the shop hop back in July. They're 8 inches, which seemed odd, but who cares when you win something!

So, in my still-fuzzy head, I came up with a simple project:
AND managed to sew it all together without any mistakes! It just needs borders, then quilting/binding and it will probably end up on the wall somewhere in our house. Thank goodness my husband agrees that quilts can be art/decor.

I cooked from scratch tonight- chicken lettuce wraps (like the ones at P.F. Changs). One of these days, I'll completely give up trying to take short cuts. I don't get to very often anymore, but after last night, I'm starting to feel like they're not worth the risk anymore.

If you're in America, enjoy your long weekend.

Anyone have anything fun planned?

Anyone else have food allergies? Gotta love reading labels all the time!

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