Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 by the 5th, round 1

On New Year's Day, my husbeast asked if I wanted a movie from Redbox. Immediately, I agreed, with the caveat that I could run them back on Wednesday. Literally.

Our closest Redbox is just under 1.5 miles by foot, so I knew if I ran them back, I could simply tack on a little extra and I'd have completed the first 5 by the 5th run.

Two birds, one stone!

So, I put on the hat that I knit on NYE (it's an alpaca/acrylic blend) and my neck gaiter that I made last year.....

Lack of visible face seems to exaggerate the size difference of my eyes!
and off I went. It was only 10 degrees out, but after a half mile, my head was sweaty! Alpaca is niiiiiice and waaaaaaarm. I made it to the Redbox kiosk in 12 minutes (1.3 miles away, according to my Garmin), then waited what seemed like forever for the machine to be "ready." After both movies were returned (Looper, which was just meh, and Brave, which was good), I headed back to the trail and carefully ran far enough down before turning so I knew I'd hit at least 3.1 when I got home.

I slowed significantly the second part of my run because the trail had a lot of nasty spots of black ice- I even slipped once, but I always feel kind of cat-like in that 9 times out of 10, I handle ice really well.

I ended up with a cold, icy 5K finished in 29:55. Yup, a helluva lot slower than Monday, but not every run is a race. Some are simply for fun-- or to run an errand!


  1. Love to have a true destination on a run. fun!

  2. I never noticed the difference in your eyes until you pointed it out. They're still very pretty eyes. Annette

  3. I love the idea of literally running errands!!! WTG! I kind of live too far from anything but the library, but I have run past it before ;)

  4. Nice job on your run! We live pretty close to a Redbox too. Maybe I'll have to try that!

  5. Great idea to turn errands into a run! That's an awesome picture. :) Thanks for linking up your first virtual race!


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