Saturday, January 19, 2013

Taking the "easier" long route

Last week, I was downright excited to go for a long run. It was 54 degrees in January, in Indiana, which, frankly, should be a runner's holiday. I got in 14.5 miles on Friday before teaching zumba. If I hadn't had class, I probably would have ran another 3 mile loop at the base just because I felt so great and the weather felt so great.

Fast forward to midnight last night when my husband got home: the wind had picked up enough to be howling outside our bedroom window. And it's still howling. Sustained winds of 25-35 mph. Also know as, strong enough to send me backwards at times. It's also making what would have felt like a warm-for-winter day feel closer to cold-enough-I'm-not leaving-this-blanket.

I bet you figured out I don't want to run outside. At all.

The problem is that I need to log 16-18 miles for my long run today. Normally, I allow myself flexibility with long run days so I can pick the best weather. But, tonight, things will go from windy to freeze-your-@$$-off.

And so, I will suck it up, and do my least-favorite thing: a long run on the treadmill. I would almost always rather run outside, but with this kind of wind, it will make 3 miles feel like 6, and so forth. Plus, it will leave me with a raw throat and headache- the treadmill just leaves me so bored I could put a fist through the wall for a change of scenery.

Dear Netflix, it is on days like today that I am eternally grateful for you. And I see there's a new season of "My Strange Addiction," or, as I like to call it, why everyone needs therapy if they go through a family divorce (seriously, most of them are children of divorce. If your marriage doesn't work out, seek help for your kids or we'll all be watching with horror as they eat laundry detergent and couch cushions). I think that might be enough to entertain me for 3+ hours of the human hamster wheel.

I leave you with pictures of food. Healthy food.

 Like my strawberry-blueberry smoothie, and kale chips,
 and the beet chips my husband demolished.
 And quite possibly one of the most delicious, nutritious meals I've made this month- turkey, baked potato with cheese, and beet greens.
Time to start thawing the leftover chili I froze so I'll have something to eat when I'm done on the 'mill.

EDITED TO ADD: I gave up after 3.2 miles. I KNOW. slacker extraordinaire. But, when you feel like your legs weigh 400 pounds each, and it was a struggle to get that far in 40 minutes, sometimes you need to listen to your body. Mine was clearly screaming, "WTH, oh no, ain't gonna happen today, lady!" I may attempt a long run tomorrow. I may not. But listening to my body last year I believe was the biggest key to staying injury free, and so I will continue to listen this year. After all, my marathon goals are all about finishing. I am not a fast distance runner, just a dogged finisher.

I've been way more consistent with training this time around, so yeah. Nap time. Time to give these bones the rest they clearly think they deserve.

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  1. Nothing like motivation than drinking a smoothie from a Tough Mudder glass :). Love it!


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