Thursday, July 25, 2013


You know those 3 by 3 cubbies? I have one in my craft room, and all three cubbies on the bottom were full of quilting magazines. Over 100 magazines. And then my Runner's World magazines had their own pile.

Knowing that moving will be happening next year, I'm trying to organize/purge a little bit every week. The summer has been devoted to my sewing room, since it will be the biggest bore. And this week, I attacked the magazines.

Turns out that everything I was saving in those 100+ magazines could fit in 2 binders. And the recipes and workouts from RW got added to existing binders. So instead of having 3 boxes full of magazines, I have 2 binders and much more space.

Before: (and this is actually only about 2/3 of them)


Ok, so I technically need one more binder to contain the second stack. But still! That's a lot less space!

Any organizing tips to share?

The next project will be attempting to contain the fabric stash. But first, I'm looking forward to a long group run this afternoon.

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