Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Veteran's Marathon- September training recap and October goals

WHOA! Where did September go?

Training went well! How can I be disappointed when I ran a new 5K PR, and then a new marathon PR the next Saturday? I can't. In fact, this is how I still feel:

I'll keep coming back to this photo every time I feel unstoppable. You've been warned!
I logged only 64 miles, but I feel like they were quality miles. I'm seeing improvements in time over both short and long distance, so I'm ok with low mileage.

October brings some big goals of its own. This Saturday, I've got a 15K, followed by the Highway Half in Kokomo the next week, and then I might have signed up for another run on the 19th. I'll tell you about that one later... :)

But this does mean that by my race schedule alone, I will get all three remaining long runs done! And then it will be taper time again. Call me crazy, but I love tapering. I can throw my hands in the air and trust my training, and relax knowing that the hay is in the barn.

I'll be honest here: Since I PR'd at the Air Force marathon, I'll be happy just to run well at the Veteran's Marathon. Sure, I'd love to get another PR, but the pressure is off. And, since Vet's is a week before my birthday, and I hear there's  a beer station along the course, this very well could turn into the most glorious 5 hour birthday party taking place along 26.2 miles of awesome!

You've been warned. I'll be wearing something sparkly and in a party mentality. PRs are optional. Fun is NOT.

Will I see you at my birthday party the Veteran's marathon?

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