Monday, March 28, 2011

Confession time

I have big plans. Big things to do. Well, big to me, anyway. But I seem to be stuck doing nothing.
I blame the cold for my lack of motivation. Having been in Florida, it feels so much worse when Indiana reminds me where I am and dips down into these wintery temperatures.

I have a pillow to make. I have a potentially cool quilt design living in my head waiting to be made. I have that fat quarter bundle waiting to be cut into and made beautiful. I need to finish the second part of my Kindle tutorial. And I need to make our Easter baskets.

But I can't seem to find any reason to get started TODAY.

While we're confessing here, I also broke my Lenten resolution- I ate half a bag of candy yesterday-- with good reason, I think. I've been having stomach issues, and as a last resort decided to eat the candy in case this was sugar withdrawal. Honestly, I did feel better last night than I had any of the previous three nights... am I really that big of a sugar addict? Possibly.

Lunch is in the oven already. Maybe by the time it's done I'll have at least started something. Maybe. Don't hold your breath- my Kindle and a sunny window are conspiring against all thoughts of productivity!


  1. Actually the thought of a sunny window and good book sound like they would win over anything else for me too at the moment. Taking care of yourself is doing something! Have a fantastic week!

  2. I live in Northern Indiana ; yes , I am pretty close to Lake Michigan . However , the gloomy days just tend to take energy away . I got to go to the KEYS at the beginning of February (I've never been there before ! only around Orlando) and my sinus's were clear , my back didn't hurt , , I had energy and I was outside for a whole week without a coat ! I LOVED IT ! and then I had to come home ..... and now all the above is reversed again and I am unmotivated ...... hmmmmm. :=) Where are you in Indiana ?


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