Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lucky me!

If any of you read Stash manicure, you probably laughed already today at the description of Cavemen husbands. I am blessed to NOT be married to a caveman-- in fact, I am blessed to be married to a Man Who Appreciates Quilts!!! My husband loves the quilts I make, and knows how much thought, time, and effort goes into them.

On top of that, he likes to spoil me every once in a while... like yesterday...

We had to run up north to get some errands done, and he took me to my formerly-almost-local quilt shop! I would have been happy with a few random FQs... but he kept pointing to bundles and trying to find one I loved, and he did, which is how I wound up with a bundle of Boutique Chez Moi. Can you believe he picked it out? That's how awesome my husband is- not only does he spoil me, but he knows the colors I love! 

I also learned from him that I'm not "earthy." I was pointing out the Origins line, and told him I really like it because it would go with out house wall colors, but I don't like it enough to actually buy and use- I would rather have something brighter. Which he diagnosed as me not being earthy. :D
What am I, then? I tend towards bright red, yellow, intense blues, lively greens...hmm, sounds a bit like I might be LOUD!!!!!!!!


Tomorrow I'll have the hexagon Kindle Cover tutorial. If you want to make one with the same size hexagons I used, you will need 92 hexagons with .75"sides in various scraps. It sounds daunting, but being that this is a hand=-pieced project, it's not meant to be fast! 

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