Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An ode, almost.

It's been another sad half hour of job hunting... seriously, because our town is so small, it takes a half hour tops to do a job search within a feasible driving distance. But, on the bright side, not having a job gives me oh-so-much time to cook, sew, and engineer domestic tranquility.

This leads me back to the hexagon obsession. Last night, I sat here stitching one hexie to another, basting about 50 more, and loving each and every one.

Why do I love them SO MUCH????

Hexagons let me slow down.
They let my otherwise jackrabbit quick brain slow down.
They allow me to make a fat quarter's worth of fabric last for a whole day, rather than ten minutes.
They help me keep sewing despite an almost non-existant fabric budget.
They allow me to feel each and every piece, to analyze patterns, play with colors.
They remind me that simple isn't boring.

Hexagons, in a way, are helping me continue to heal my soul.

This gathering has turned into 52 (at the moment) diamonds built from 9 hexagons each. Many of them came from fabric scraps given to me by a dear friend. If only she knew how many hours of enjoyment her "trash" has given me so far.


  1. Gorgeous!!!! keep going! They ROCK! ;-)

  2. Your process sounds very meditative ... and what a beautiful result! Your diamonds reminded me of this Susan McCord quilt made of itty bitty hexies. (Photographed at a very crowded show at the Henry Ford Museum).

  3. Your diamonds are beautiful. Before you know it you will have enough for a quilt! I love making hexies while I 'watch' TV in the evenings.


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