Monday, May 16, 2011

Wooden shoe rather be Dutch?

A little more about the trip to Holland, MI...
Check out the wooden heal! I thought it was funny.

The trip to the tulip festival was not only fun, but educational- I learned more about the most dominant part of my heritage (both by blood and behavior).

Like why I ate more cheese than most of my friends combined...
why I mix my veggies INTO my potatoes (it's a Dutch thing)...
and learned some funny phrases (some not suitable to put here!).

My mom is the one who LOOKS Dutch.
She is half. 
Nys medisch speler!

I haven't done much sewing other than to make my aunt a Kindle cover for her retirement.

And, happily, I won't have as much time to sew soon...
yes, happily-


Soon, I'll be working at a golf course.
I'm excited.
A job that involves being outdoors- YES!!!
And, it means money to buy more fabric!
 And a kayak. :D

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