Saturday, May 21, 2011

Work is exhausting! Or maybe I play too hard.

See that? It's a rice bag- the kind that you put in the microwave to heat up to help sore muscles... the kind that has that delightful starchy smell while the warmth seeps into your aches and pains... I finally made my own.

And today, after Day 1 of my new job, and only 3 hrs of sleep because I was "bad" and stayed out too late having too much fun with my husband and our friends, I came home, ate dinner, heated up the rice bag, and conked out right there.

Thankfully, I have until Wednesday to get back to rested before my next day at work (which is the first of 4 in a row).

This job came just in time... the horrible sounds my car has been making are getting more frequent!

Enjoy the weekend- I hope to sleep extra long tomorrow!!!

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