Monday, May 30, 2011

Purse #3 and the 500

Newest purse.
Carried it for the first time today.
Verdict: LOVE IT.

I even got a compliment from a Male coworker.
(which led to him calling me Crafty Kasey for about an hour)

By the way, I love my job.
It's on a nationally-ranked golf course, but it's not a stuck up place-
just LOTS of really nice people.
And a great atmosphere.

And I get tips.
Which rocks.
Otherwise known as This Is Planned for Spending.
ME money. 

It funded our race money yesterday- 
I got this:
 While we were here:
What a great day. 

What a great weekend this has been.
I hope you had a great long weekend, too.

Thank a service member if you haven't yet!
(I made my husband brekkers)

1 comment:

  1. You were at the race? Cool!! I'm a life-long race fan, grew up about 40 miles west of the track.


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