Friday, July 22, 2011

Quilt is on its way.

Mom came down for lunch today, and picked up the quilt to take back home with her. By tomorrow, my old classmate will have a little more comfort to wrap up with.
Cancer sucks. Writing a note to her, I started crying, part for her, and part missing my dad. I'm grateful for his "extra" 8 years- he fought for 10 when they initially predicted only 2- so I'm grateful for that, but if cancer were a person, I would be behind bars for murder. It makes me so angry to see good people have to suffer through such miserable disease. My dad had a great attitude, and truly LIVED rather than existed, but still.
F*** cancer.
I was too emotional to take a picture of the quilt. But I'm positive she'll feel the love when she sees it.

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