Tuesday, July 5, 2011


How did I go 2 weeks without remembering to blog? 
I blame work... and the nice weather...
and the Chuck it!!!
 Matt Lauer and I agree- BEST TOY EVER!
I throw the ball for him and Prudence without ever touching the nastiness.
Heaven for us all.

 I'm still sewing... here is my husband's placemat just before binding. It has since been finished and sits in contrasting glory next to mine.
 We also celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. He got me another band (the bottom of them) so that I can take my solitaire off when running and stop tearing up my pinkie finger, but still have something one that says MARRIED: LEAVE ME ALONE.
I hate getting hit on... especially when I'm sweaty/hungry/tired/just want to be left to my own devices running.
But, we did run a 5K together yesterday, and I ran a new personal best- 26:11. I'm pretty happy about that. My husband ran his in just under 24 minutes, so we were both happy.
 I've found a way to combine sewing a running. Or at least I sewed something for running: An insulated bottle holder. Doesn't Prince Charming look like he's ready to go?
Finally, my newest table topper, which was finished just in time for the fourth- finished on Sunday, the 3rd to be exact! It's an original design, made with fabrics I bought when my MIL and grandma were here. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Enjoy the rest of the week- I had 2 days off, but it's back to work now.

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  1. Ha! I know exactly what you mean about enjoying summer and not blogging. Me too. That chuck it.. seems like a real slobber saver. Going to have to check them out. Also, what a festive table runner. Very lovely!


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