Monday, April 2, 2012

I wear myself out.

Yesterday, I confirmed one of my favorite running tank tops causes chafing on the underside of my arm. It's mostly seamless, but the binding on the arms sticks out far enough that even though I run with chicken-winged arms, it rubs the inside of my arm! Not cool!
Especially because I own it in three colors. The problem seems to be worse if I run more than 3 miles... so, I guess since I don't want to deplete my tank tops down to one, I'll save them for now but only use them for short runs (until Running Warehouse has a good sale... heehee).

I still haven't had time to sew when I had energy, or energy to sew when I've had time. Take last night, and tonight: both nights have meant a good 2 hour chunk to stitch away, but yesterday I was exhausted from shopping for the hubs' birthday present, mixing up sugar cookie dough, running 5 miles, rolling out and baking sugar cookies, making stuffed green peppers, frosting sugar cookies, driving said cookies and green pepper to the base, bringing Prudence with me to help cheer up one of the guys who lost one of his dogs last week, and then breaking up Prudence and the neighbor dog when the neighbor dog charged us as soon as I got home.

And then I didn't sleep well- whole body was overheating all night from running later in the day (anyone else have a similar problem?)- which meant I've been exhausted all day, and could barely focus at work.

And now, the second night in a row I could be working on a small project, but I'm Just. Too. Tired.

With that, I apologize for not having any fun sewing photo candy for you.

Can I placate you with a pretty running skirt I *might* have been drooling over for the last 2 weeks, and *probably* just ordered?
Would that be pretty as quilting fabric, too? I think that's half of why I've been obsessed with it.

Have a great week, everyone!

I'll probably fall asleep to DWTS.

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