Thursday, August 30, 2012

And so it goes

Today's workout: 3.2 mile run around the base.

Wow, where did August go? It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of the month. Which means tomorrow is my last chance at achieving a 5 minute plank, like I bold proclaimed I would attempt to do on the Tough Chik page. So far, I've matched 3:30 again, but planking alone means I get bored enough to give in to the pain. So, before Tim goes to work, and before I go teach Zumba, I've got a 5 minute day with the monster plank.

Yesterday, I decided I wasn't going to finish the mini quilt from Sarah Fielke's book "From Little Things" (which is a fabulous quilt book- LOVE LOVE LOVE IT), and that's through no fault of anyone but me. I simply don't quite get foundation paper piecing- it ends up backwards, or worse, I ruin it in entirety. So, after making a quarter semi-successfully a few weeks (months?) ago. I decided last night to turn this into a mug rug:

 Even the hubs likes it. And, since it's got flying gees on the front, why not roosters and chickens for the back?
 Matt Lauer, however, is just sad that there's another piece of fabric that he's not allowed to eat.
I swear, this dog is the king of pathetic, the emperor of whining, and the supreme ruler of all things pitiful when he wants to be.
Are you ready for the weekend? I am! Get up, get out there, be active- have fun! 

How are you celebrating the holiday weekend? On Monday, for the first time since I got my first job, I will join the ranks of those employed who actually get holidays off! All my prior jobs meant working holidays (I even worked Thanksgiving one year when I was a barista), so having a holiday off is going to be a little odd, but I think if I take a good nap, I'll get used to it. :)

Speaking of naps, are you an adult napper? I sure am. I think it's genetic. My grandma used to nap (even before she got old), and my mother has always been a napper. It took me years to master the art of napping, but now that my night time insomnia is gone, I can take my much-needed naps, too. I function so much better when I get a nap- even just 10 minutes to lie down.

And, in case I wake up sweaty/shaky from low blood sugar at 4 am again, what's your favorite mid-night snack? Last night, I ate some cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese, and string cheese, and Greek yogurt... basically, my top 5 foods to eat when I wake up like that are dairy-based.  They keep me feeling full enough, even in small quantities, without being too sugary or too labor-intensive so I never really leave that sleepy state that lets me fall back asleep relatively easily once I get back in bed.

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  1. Love nap time!!!!

    Awesome quilt...... takes a lot of skill.

    Gotta run.


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