Thursday, February 7, 2013

A 10k, and then some

As part of Jill Conyers' 13 in 2013 challenge, I ran a virtual 10k today- Tackle the Miles 45 degrees and sunny outside made for a great run. Finished in 1:01:32, and forgot to take a picture. Of course.
Immediately afterward, I ran 4.3 miles with the running group. And finished out the week's long run by tacking on another 5.5 on the treadmill at the gym, since our running coach would be able to verify that I completed it. Nothing like a nagging coach to keep you from quitting, even when the dude on the other side of the room is shuffling so badly his shoes are squeaking!!!

Did I mention my average pace for the whole day was 9:55 for the 10k, 9:16 for the next 4.3, and then 10:10 on the treadmill for the last 5.5.... THAT'S FAST for these sturdy peasant legs!!!

Thank goodness I had a package waiting for me when I got home.

The shoes look great with my orange compression socks, too. :D I probably won't actually start wearing these shoes for a few weeks, maybe even months, but I got them for less than $60, and by the time I need them, I probably won't find nearly as good of a deal. So they will sit, waiting, like a present to unwrap again!

And now, for a cautionary picture: 
Be careful when you sneeze. You can burst a blood vessel in your eye. It's not painful, but it sure looks icky.

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  1. great miles! I love stocking up on good deals, for shoes, too. It's awesome to pull 'em out of the closet months later, isn't it?
    I'm glad your eye doesn't hurt. That looks awful. :(


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