Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yes, this happens more than it should...

 I go out in public in apparel only other runners/fitness lovers would understand. I walked around a few stores in Kokomo, totally unashamed of my athletic capris, Pro compression socks, and super-comfy (read: unflattering) half marathon shirt from the Freedom 1/2. And a sparkly headband, of course.

I was on the way to work, and since I knew I might end up early, I brought this book with me:
I was about halfway through yesterday before work. I had time to walk and read before my class, which was awesome. I love reading when I'm walking on a treadmill- it truly makes the time fly. If only I could run while reading- I would never complain about a treadmill again!

A few words about that book: If you are open to the idea that our feet are made this way for a reason, you will love it. The book is fascinating for its coverage of the Tarahumara, Callabo Blanco, and for its spot-on descriptions of the eccentricities of distance runners. It captures a lot of the reasons why I run. And, it also goes into the biology of why overly-supportive shoes are not necessarily the best thing.

I have a feeling that some of the most negative reviews I've read are probably from people who either refuse to believe their $450 orthotics were a waste or are the ones who help sell and profit from $450 orthotics.

But think about this: when you want a healthy back, you do core exercises to develop strength in your abs and back muscles. When you want to be able to lift heavy objects (be it weights or your ever-growing kid), you strength train and focus on arm exercises. So why is it such a terrifying idea (to some) that in order to have healthy legs and feet, we need to work the muscles in our legs and especially our feet?

*After my bone bruise and 3 months in a boot, I had plantar fasciitis. When told by the doc that I needed to wear an arch support, I smiled, nodded, then went home and threw it away, and started doing ballet exercises (plies, releves, you know, simple stuff) to strengthen my feet. It only took a few days before I was 100% pain free. And then I started running again, with less shoe.

With that, my bare feet are going to take me back to my sewing room to play with fabric. After 3.5 hours at the gym yesterday (which by the way, made me feel like I am SO READY for this marathon in 4 weeks- I wasn't tired!), I'm taking it easy today. Sometimes, the hardest part of running is taking a day off.... unless it's cold and icy, like today, in which case it's really easy!


  1. My office mate last summer was reading this book (and sharing a lot of it with me) and it's been on my list. It's fascinating stuff (and I'm NOT a runner).

  2. I am new to running and love reading your blog. I just bought Saucony running shoes - hope it was a good choice!

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who wears compression socks in public :-). Sounds like a good book, I might have to order that one.


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