Friday, February 22, 2013


Normally, I'm dragging myself to bed by this time. But, this ridiculous energy tells me I needed yesterday as a relative rest day- no exercise, just driving to tax me.
I'm so energized, I walked 1.3 miles before I taught Zumba, then stayed for an hour of strength and conditioning, then ran 3.25 miles on the gym treadmill because I was still raring to go.
Ever had a day like that? Every once in a while, I have more energy than I know how to use. This is why I love running- it gives me an outlet for that energy, and also helps replenish those energy reserves even as it depletes them.
I also ventured to "town" to find a natural foods store and bought some chia seeds. As marathon #2 gets closer, I am trying to find something that will help fight the hypoglycemia I seem to suffer every time I run further than 16 miles. Here's hoping! Plus, I hear it tastes pretty good in smoothies and granola, too.

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  1. Glad you had such an energetic day!!
    I've been putting chia in my food & drinks for about a year, now. (don't tell my kids I sneak it in theirs, too)
    One (gross) warning : Beware buying it from those bulk bins. I filled a bag with a batch that contained insect eggs...which turned into worms...then moths that invaded my home.


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