Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winging it.

So here's the thing: my marathon training plan has been more of a run-what-I-want plan. Basically, the few times we had nice weather here in Indiana, I did a long run. If it wasn't nice, I probably didn't (though I did tackle 2 double digit mileage runs on the treadmill).

The Circular Logic Marathon is 4 weeks from Saturday. Part of me feels like I should squeeze in one more 16 miler... and I might, if there is another nice day in the next week. I might. Then again, I might not.
Nice weather= long run. Crappy weather= whatever I feel like on the treadmill (probably 3.5 miles)

How can I stay so relaxed? Because I know I have the baseline fitness to complete the marathon. I've done more double-digit runs this time around than I did last summer, even though none of them were past 16 miles. I've been doing a steady amount of strength training and cross-training, both of which didn't happen with any consistency last time, either.

And, the biggest thing that keeps me from worrying about the marathon: I run to finish. My performance does not dictate my check. Nor does it impact my self-worth.

For me, finishing my 2nd marathon, no matter how slowly, will still be as big of an accomplishment as finishing the first.

If I can keep up my sewing mojo, I'll have this beauty quilted and ready to relax under after I spend somewhere between 5 and 7 hours running that marathon:
The pattern is called Orion by Kaye Prince. Go check out her blog; she does great work. I've incorporated a little of my "winging it" mindset even into following this pattern- I suck at paper piecing, and so did my own thing for the arrows, and I'm going to try quilting this before putting on the final solid border... like I said, winging it.

Tomorrow, I'm taking our taxes to our accountant, and I get to see my momma. And, I might just stop by Teavana while I'm up there... :)

Any plans for the weekend? By the time saturday rolls around, I'll probably be ready for a nap. Let's face it, I'm always ready for a nap.

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  1. My first half (the Disney Princess) is this weekend. I was out for 3 weeks in late Jan / early Feb with a knee injury.... I only got in 1 long run (10 miles) since then. My training was on track before I got hurt and part of me is nervous that I haven't done a 13+ run since I've been back... but like you said, I know I have the core fitness to do it. And besides, you always PR your first one :-).


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