Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frogging is such a fun term.

The last of the Christmas gifts are DONE! DONE! DONE! In all, I knitted 10 hats in 6 days. Perhaps that is why I feel like I'm doomed to suffer carpal tunnel surgery in the future.

I also made a Kindle cover for a cousin, a knitting needle holder for a friend, and an electronic case. All gifts.

So, to celebrate, I started knitting my first pair of gloves... and then had to rip the first one apart (frog it! Somehow, such a fun name makes tearing up hours of work less painful) because I'm a bad girl and never check gauge, so it would have been large enough for a 10 foot tall MAN. But, I did manage to make the right adjustments, and I have one glove done!

 I also made a second holder for my DPNs. I bought this Alice in Wonderland fabric a year ago, and didn't know what to do with it... so why not use it for a knitting needle case?
After all, sometimes it feels like going through to rabbit hole trying to understand a knitting pattern! And that ribbon? It's one of many that I saved from our wedding presents. Any time I'm making something for myself, I look through my small basket of ribbons from our wedding gifts, and when there's a good fit, I use it! It adds a little more meaning to my many random projects.

I have my last race of this calendar year on Saturday. You may have picked up on how I tend to buy myself a finisher present after big events (I bought running clothes and fabric after the half marathon, and may or may not have blogged about my tea purchases after the Tough Mudder, and then more tea after I did so well on Thanksgiving). Well, Saturday is a 10.8 mile trail fun run, which I think deserves a finisher present... so I ordered 5 different half yard pieces from Fabricworm today. I know, a little early, but this way, I'm hoping they'll arrive quickly and give me something fun to do while I remind myself I need to rest.

I leave you with a final question: If you had to choose between reindeer antlers (with a warm headband) and a polar bear hat, which would you wear for a 10.8 mile fun run? I've got 3 days to decide...

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