Sunday, December 18, 2011


Too much knitting can cause tendonitis!

My whole arm hurts, tingles, zings, from my should to my fingertips.

Apparently, knitting all those presents, plus my husband's hat, plus a neck gaitor for me, plus a pair of gloves, plus one sock....
Oh, yeah, add in some English paper piecing...
And I'm guessing rotary cutting strips didn't help, either...

and BAM!

Sore arm. Can't sleep on that side, it hurts so much. I've been trying to do as little as possible, but it's difficult.

I want to play with fabric! And yarn!


I really hope it's better by Thursday... on Wednesday, I get to go on a fabric binge!!! My dearest, most wonderful husband has decided to give me a FABRIC SHOPPING SPREE!!! Can we say, "Best Christmas present ever?" Well, at least in the crafting category... I really can't compare it to the diamonds last year. :) Apples and oranges, or fat quarters and carats.

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  1. A shopping spree?! Your husband really knows you well!!

    I have recurring bouts with tendonitis that my handwork sometimes aggravates. I keep a rubber band in my sewing supplies that I use around my fingers for resistance as I open and close them. That little exercise helps. However, it may not work for you since my pain is in my elbow, not my shoulder. Hope you feel better soon!


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