Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crazy? Maybe!

Thursday morning, I decided to make a block from The Civil War Diary Quilt book for the first time. I had hoped to start working on blocks last January, but life happens, and so does ADHD. I picked this simple block- Oath of Allegiance- and it seemed fitting to make it from tea-themed fabric since I love tea. The CWDQ would be a good way to use up random scraps, and make for a good project in between projects.

Then we decided to drive up to see my mom and grandparents....

And I bought this:

 Now, some of you might think that my husband bought a new revolver at our next stop because he knew I had gone crazy, but honestly, he planned on buying the revolver before he really knew what the Dear Jane quilt was.

We rented 2 movies before coming home, so I just had to find a block from DJ that I could work on while on the couch:
 And then yesterday, I made another block:
 And 2 more today:

I machine appliqued this one for precision.
You'll notice there's no real theme beyond scrappy. That's the point. Old quilts often just had bits and pieces with no real theme, so why not make my DJ out of just leftovers? And, if you've followed for very long, you know this means when I turn 40 and finally have it done, my Dear Jane sampler will be very eclectic!

My New Year's Eve plans involve taking down Christmas decorations, sewing whatever I feel like, and running 3 miles, starting when the ball drops. Seems like a good way to ring in the new year to me!

So long, 2011. Hello, 2012!

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