Sunday, May 26, 2013


That's the theme here lately.

Mom came down yesterday to "babysit" me while Tim went to a wedding (he really wanted to stay home with me; he's awesome like that. But he's also awesome enough to do what he can to be there for a friend, and since he was In the wedding as a groomsman, he felt like he had to at least try to go). Thankfully, she helped my sanity a little by taking me on an adventure down to Kokomo for some cross stitch fabric and lunch a Panera. It was SO nice being out of the house.

But, I'm so frustrated right now.

I can't even open the ice cream and dig out a scoop without pain. I can't cut a piece of cold pizza. I can't move faster than about .5 mph (which is probably about 10x faster than I was 2 days ago!).

I know, I know, I need to be patient. That's not exactly my strong suit.

I'm doing my best. I've only had 2 melt-downs. One Thursday night because I was so tired after no real sleep for 2 days, and one Friday night with the whole inability to cut pizza thing.

I'm trying to be patient, I swear.

After Mom left, I was alone for about an hour before my friend Courtney could get here. Boy, that was a long hour since I was waiting for her to come open the ice cream for me! :)

And when Tim got home, he let me shuffle over to the neighbors' back porch to sit around their fire pit.

I think if I can just get a little out-of-the-house time each day, it will really help the happiness levels, which will help keep the frustration down a little.

38 more days, if my tired brain is adding correctly!


  1. I feel your pain and frustration. Patience is not my strong suit either. I'm waiting for the prednisone to help my rebound headaches. Day 6 of a 30 day dose. Nothing yet :( But, each day I'm one day closer hopefully. Hang in there and maybe get some single serving ice creams and a pair of scissors :)

  2. Hugs! I will get better soon, but I hear ya I have no patience either, so frustrating when you can't do things that seem so simple.
    Glad my lidocaine advice was good :)


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