Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

I had to find a picture I haven't shared yet... so here's the Husbeast with the dog baby. She looks evil, but she was sleeping and making the cutest little noises!
Happy Memorial Day to my own personal veteran, and to all the others! Today's a day to honor those still here, and those who have since gone. Thanks, Grandpa Z, Uncle John, all 3 Schnell cousins, Grandpa Van, great Uncle Bill, and all the others who have served, especially my Husbeast! In 7 months, he'll be heading off to OTS, continuing on the amazing path he's blazing for himself.

How about a happy update on my progress? I decided today will only focus on positives, rather than more frustrations.
I went for a walk. All of .25 miles, but it's still progress.
We moved the recliner back where it belongs (well, he moved it) because I can finally sit comfortably on the couch again. Amazing how much more normal that makes me feel!
I have rotation! I'm like a tornado, I can (slowly) twist again! Or, as Tim said, I have progressed from having just an x axis on Wednesday to having a y axis by Thursday, and now I have a z axis again!
And, best of all... I slept until 9. That's a full night of sleep for the first time since Monday night last week!

So here's to progress. Just like the 2 marathons I've run, I just need to keep moving forward, slowly but surely. And before I know it, I'll be finishing marathon #3 in September. And 4 in November. And an ultra in December. :)

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!!!!!!!


  1. Cheers to progress and a happy belated Memorial Day to your husband!


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